Batman: The promise that we made to bring down the Roman. By Tyrell Bibbiani October 6, 2020 3 minute read No Comments. by The Sherlocks, 2,710 Shazams, featuring on Kebab on the Night Bus Apple Music playlist. Just before the climax, Nate finds his skeleton with a note to his beloved wife where he seems to realize, too late, how his quest ruined him and his final line is "forgive me. And was it really worth it, all along? 173k members in the Warthunder community. song and explore 0 videos made by new and popular creators. Watch the video for Was It Really Worth It? This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO … After all, the Big Bad may be dead, but so is Bob, and that's no cause for celebration. less-than-coherent explanation to his girlfriend, never harms or deliberately endangers a civilian. Danny Tripp: Was sleeping with him for that information really worth it? his body. Maria Hill, who was on his side during Civil War and now firmly believes that it wasn't worth it, walks out, leaving him to yell about her having sided with him. If someone wins a battle, but accidentally kills their friend's sister in the process, it's this. What it cost us. And was it really worth it, all along? In an episode, an upgraded Prowl beats (clone) Starscream. ", Ozymandias successfully completing his plan to create world peace, but at the price of millions of lives. He somberly concludes that it was not. Selina dies at 74, not only does barely anyone she knows show up for her funeral but the networks immediately cut away at word. For a future without fear?". When it comes to mobile connectivity, that new technology is 5G. Want to follow this profile? I went to the bathroom, changed into this- After getting ready, me and Alex Got out of the house and went straight to the house. Before I tell you why I am becoming a Chiropractor, I should tell you how I got into this great profession. The cop investigating asks him, as he is about to be taken away: Caleb Hammer asks this question of Rawhide Kid in, There is only one incident where Scrooge finds a definite answer to this question, during Chapter 11 where for the first and only time Scrooge chooses to make a profit dishonestly. - 7": £4.99. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Includes Album Cover, Release Year, and User Reviews. You think you're right But don't think twice with … the Black Lantern Arin Sur asks her husband Sinestro this when they fight through the streets of Korugar, asking if he's happy with what he did to Korugar, and himself, in the name of peace. She's the same Theresa as the one in, his former pupil and lover Salome slowly and willingly killing herself by feeding him all of her, spending human lives to save the Council in the previous game was worth it, Nier tries to enjoy his life with Yonah, having sacrificed so much for her, rescue Shaundi, who is about to be killed in a terrorist attack STAG had set up to blame the Saints on. Their reward for their strike was $3,008 in Bennigan's coupons and gumballs, according to Terrance and Philip, while also noting that Canada lost $10.4 million. Download Cheezburger App for Free We didn't stop the world from ending, we survived it. Yes, the good guys won, Batman. Once we got the door, we stood there, standing at each other for a good 20 seconds. Is 5G Really Worth It? A new 7" single from indie-rockers The Sherlocks, a heartfelt song from the band with stunning guitars and a big hook at the chorus.They're rising rapidly and proving exactly why. she was successful this time, Taylor feels it wasn't worth it. Shaundi dies, the Saints are blamed as terrorists, the Boss is asked if it was worth it (s/he can't answer) and STAG attempts to destroy Steelport during her funeral, then the Saints basically go terrorist when they fight the army off. In any case, what Bob's done raises serious moral questions for him, and the answer isn't necessarily "Hell yeah, it was Worth It!". Not to be confused with What the Hell, Hero?, which is about the character being called out for flat-out evil things. Times flies when you’re having fun But when you fight in a battle that can't be won It's not right Take two You can do what you like Cause I'm not good enough for you. - Just Classic Epic FAILs. However, Goliath points out to him and his nemesis Demona that every time either of them has attempted to get revenge, it only made their lives worse. It's distorted by hatred and rage, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, can't bring her back to life a second time. He ends up completely losing it at the end to duel Nate inside a. is only found after her death because of the police showing up just after the brothers had been there. Hendley asks of all his dead friends, "Was it worth it?" and your sister Bethany is in the Circle, you have the option to stand up for her alone after killing her teacher and most of her friends. Later averted after Tony erases his memories and, after reading about Civil War, proclaims that he would do it all again. You die, and then they try to reverse but get tracked in the process. Harvey... Gordon: If you're asking me "Did the good guys win?" Maybe killing his opponent made him just like them. Arc died, and for what? Elc is left to question why the hell he even bothered. 27 votes, 21 comments. "What profit vengeance?". 3 Reasons To Not Get A 5G Phone In 2020. Follow 0 Followed 0. It involved allying herself with an evil future Loki, to damn the young one to a life of evil and villainy hated and feared by all to ensure Asgard's golden future. In the end, Evelyn is a lonely old woman living in a mansion of treasures that she refuses to sell off and, The whole adventure clearly affects Nate as, Firelord Sozin asks himself at the end of his life if, Sozin's great-grandson, Zuko, spends the entire first half of Season 3 asking himself this question. and wishes Malcolm a happy birthday as he and Reese do menial work around the house, by telling her she's disrespecting the dead and their sacrifice, betraying and murdering the rest of the nephilim, absolve his brother War of his falsely-accused crime of killing them. is a popular song by Karter | Create your own TikTok videos with the Was It Really Worth It? In the season 12 episode, "Canada on Strike", the entire population of Canada goes on strike after being disrespected too many times by the Americans. from The Sherlocks's Live For The Moment for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. "They took £150 from the till with them. Listen free to The Sherlocks – Was It Really Worth It? The human child called to me. album. Unfollow this profile? The big difference is Zuko has the opportunity to make things right and, As he taunts Fluttershy for believing in him, he asks if she really thought he'd give up his. In a comic by Joakim Pirinen, a young boy has murdered his mother and almost made it look like suicide. We fought for what we believed in. If a character's actions or victory eventually result in him being bored because of it, then you have a case of Victory Is Boring. Note that the question doesn't necessarily even have to be asked, nor must it be after the deed's been done. When in Iowa last summer, I got the chance to ask a few of them just why they thought their ancestors were so bad. the entire thing was all a huge con to scam colonists out of their money and gold. For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? and betraying Avatar Roku, his best friend as he was growing up, leaving him to die when he could have saved him. Posted on November 11, 2015 November 12, 2015 by rickyquiropractico. and is told "It depends on your point of view, doesn't it?". The return address was Joshua Duckett and the envelope was written in large print, more like Carla’s writing (Josh’s writing is very tiny) and the letter was typed, with a lot of misspelled words, but basically it was accusing me of being hateful toward him and to please stop writing the blog. After three long years, he's finally welcomed back to the Fire Nation, has his, He uses Revenge as the 'it': "Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Listen to Was It Really Worth It? *AUSTINS POINT OF VIEW* It was about time to go to the neighbors house. killing his opponent made him just like them. Then they die from 100-0% This happens to me all the time, why? His mother Melinda Duckett is the prime suspect, but there is no evidence proving that Melinda did anything with or to Trenton. In that final moment, the human wanted to know: Was it all worth it? Unfortunately there's a lot of collateral damage - including a torn down tree and broken bird eggs, earlier that day he made it a point to protect a similar nest on Dinobot Island. was it really worth it? Scrooge got what he wanted but the price was so steep that he decides, The stories told in it about the efforts of one long-time CIA agent, Nathan Muir, and his protege Tom Bishop, show the extreme lengths and sacrifices they will go to accomplish their objectives — the film itself is very much the "stale beer" flavor of. has effectively chained herself to the ocean. throws Gary, the man who stuck by her through thick and thin, to the feds to save herself; bans gay marriage (which includes her own daughter's) to win votes which alienates Catherine forever; drives away all her few supporters and is basically alone when she returns to the Oval Office. He and wife Elena buy up a salvage company so they can go on legal adventures. Adrian Black -- you're under arrest for conspiracy and fraud. If you defer to Meredith, her last words are "I hope this was all worth it, sister/brother." And now we are left with nothing. he realizes a life of nothing but treasure hunting leads to nothing good. *cough* Well, you got us... Was it... *cough*... worth it? Was it really worth it? So we could inherit this desolate and hopeless future? See also Pyrrhic Villainy, for where the villain's actions are definitely not worth it. Stream Was It Really Worth It? This song is by The Sherlocks and appears on the album Live for the Moment (2017). Subverted when it's revealed in "City of Stone" that his true goal isn't really revenge. I am 33yo and from Puerto Rico. She dedicated her life to various hunts and searches to the point that she couldn't even attend her husband's funeral because she was abroad. Arc and Kukuru are dead, along with much of humanity. The band consists of two sets of brothers: Kiaran and Brandon Crook, Andy and Josh Davidson. The human child, one of those who called themselves Animorphs, asked me to explain. The populace rose up in revolt and the pirates put them down. Was it really worht it all I'd love to say but we just keep falling apart You'll be forever in my heart You think you're right but don't think twice it's someone else Oh how's it feel to be perfect Was it really worth it all along? is a popular song by The Sherlocks | Create your own TikTok videos with the Was It Really Worth It? - posted in General Discussion: You have less than 25% of your health and you have 2-5 people behind you, randomly a 75% or more health tank comes all the way out of cover just to kill you. a huge truck bomb that blows up the whole apartment and kills everyone there. The young people ask, "What are they marching for?" If Bob decides it's not worth it after all, but only after the fact, it's My God, What Have I Done? Then we get the power, we can't even remember what goddamn thing it was we wanted it for in the first place. The Sherlocks are a British alternative rock band from Bolton upon Dearne, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. My husband's side of the family ~the Pointer's~ seem to think they have the corner on bad ancestors. “I didn't know I was in labour I thought I was having a super bad period. Judging by how he ultimately sacrifices said souls. Maybe to win a friendly duel, he had to shatter his best friend's weapon (or worse, shatter his best friend!) All along You think you're right But don't think twice with someone else Oh how does it feel to be perfect? The human child was dying, and. In this case, it's actually a valid question, possibly for a number of reasons. Trenton Duckett is missing since August 27, 2006. and I ask m'self the same question. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. the deaths of thousands of both his people and those of the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes in the war, Starlight's expression then and her demeanor, Even worse, the fracture between the heroes left them unprepared to deal with. van The Sherlocks' MP3 download online 7digital Nederland - Ruim 25 miljoen tracks van hoge kwaliteit in onze winkel It soon becomes clear the quest consumed the man to the point of him willing to let his crew die so they abandoned him. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. On having discovered Antarctica and, as a result, imminently dying there; Octopuff in Kumquat- an anti-smoking PSA- was, nothing I could do within the rules of the game would change that fact, The horror of violence suffered, and the corrupting horror of violence inflicted. Firelord Sozin asks himself at the end of his life if making the world a better place by spreading Fire Nation culture was really worth the genocide of the Air Nomads, the deaths of thousands of both his people and those of the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes in the war, and betraying Avatar Roku, his best friend as he was growing up, leaving him to die when he could have saved him. As a result of forcibly driving a tribe off their land so he can buy the rights Scrooge drives away his family, his own conscience won't let him ignore what he's done, and revenge from one of the tribe members literally haunts him for years which eventually costs him one of his most valuable discoveries ever. We'll see what the DA has to say about wasting police resources on a wild goose chase like this. spent years hunting the treasure and even having a mercenary group on his side as he's willing to do what it takes to get the treasure. Alex Sambone, Brendan Mescall, Bailey Rosmarin, and Adam Mosca Was It Really Worth It? he comes to the same conclusion Sozin did. At first, Selina, a massive narcissist, thinks it was worth it...but it turns out her ultimate legacy is to lose her next election to her main rival, followed by her supposed idiot handler becoming a much more successful President after that and is nothing more than a historical footnote remembered at all for her bad choices. I am Luis Enrique. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at Was It Really Worth It? Features Song Lyrics for The Sherlocks's Was It Really Worth It? They find it all in ruins as it turns out, On his quest, Nate finds notes and remains from the grandson of one pirate, out to find the treasure for his family honor. Their son never forgave her for that and cut off all ties. Was it really worth it Oh I'd love to stay But we just keep falling apart You'll be forever in my heart You think you're right But don't think twice with someone else How's it feel to be perfect? Canonically, you don't kill her. He knows his life is a wreck because of his pursuit of revenge. Compare And Then What?. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. “Was It Really Worth It?” was the sixth single from The Sherlocks' debut album Live For The Moment. Oh I’ve seen that you’re looking at me You have a stone cold eye But you’re looking at me. it was really worth it translation in English-French dictionary. Was It Really Worth It? Whenever a new technology emerges, people feel the need to flock to obtain the latest and greatest offering. Cookies help us deliver our services. Was it really worth it? And I have waited nine hundred years for this meal." Was it really worth it my review on the mountain in between us Please like/comment/Subscribe, Bob takes things too far, either in his quest for power, revenge, or even just to win a battle. You're always right And I'm always wrong You're always right And I'm always left holding on to the handles of excuses It seems … If the 'it' was something like a Heroic Sacrifice, this may cause a Bittersweet Ending. We bursted out laughing (Cuz' were just weird like that). Was it really worth it Oh I'd love to stay But we just keep falling apart You'll be forever in my heart You think you're right But don't think … A subtrope of Pyrrhic Victory. The pain, the despair, the fear. The pirate lords then fought among themselves so Avery and Tews poisoned the lot of them for the treasure...then ended up killing each other for gold neither could possess so Libertalia turned into a mass graveyard. £150 - was it really worth it for them?" High quality example sentences with “it really worth it.” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English As a result, the Canadians banished World Canadian Bureau President Stephen Abootman, who started the strike, from Canada. shoot a child held by Jack that could have caused the end. - Single. The Sherlocks - Was It Really Worth It? have yall ever end up in a place whereby you could comfortably call home and when I say home, I meant being cooped up in the same pitch-black room where you would let your inner demons get to you. Implied and lampshaded by Bishop in the debriefing of a mission in Beirut to assassinate a terrorist leader, where after going to such great lengths to get the target's family doctor to apply a poison to him during a check-up (including persuading him to turn on him in the first place by bringing up his murdered family and Bishop rushing him through war-torn streets to get him to his appointment at an apartment building before they lose track of him) only for Muir to call in their back-up plan... His other famous song, "The Green Fields of France", has the words: But ultimately, at the end of the song Freddie proclaims, Shepard also gets confronted by a human reporter with a distinctly anti-alien bias, who demands to know if, Nate and brother Sam find Libertalia, the legendary "pirate utopia" created by Henry Avery, Thomas Tews and other captains. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from by The Sherlocks from desktop or your mobile device After it's all said and done, he or Alice have to ask 'was it really worth it?' Then Meredith runs her through. However, there is a handful of people who want to paint the picture of Melinda as an unfit mother and have persuaded the press to do their dirty work...just like they had DCF do their dirty work. Was it really worth it, to be close to become a doctor? ", In flashbacks, Nate and Sam meet Evelyn, a woman who had been a Lara Croft style explorer making great finds. Was It Really Worth It? Sign in. Several thousands deaths is a paltry price to pay compared to the End of Times. We couldn't have known. Published on December 15, 2013 . In a. Nate finds himself in the hold of Avery's ship loaded with gold but also on fire as the culmination of a quest that has claimed countless lives. I received a letter to my mailbox from Wildwood, Florida dated December 9, 2009. Was It Really Worth It? Did you really believe, when you answered the call, "More and more I find myself wondering if it's all worth fighting for. Polarization in America: Two Possible Futures. "It makes me wonder what we were fighting for. Was it really worth it all along? Koop 'Was It Really Worth It? But in the end, Alicia is brought back successfully, and Nanoha decides that it, Thanos has assembled the Infinity Stones despite our heroes' best efforts, and proceeds to do the, (Serizawa sacrificed himself to keep something like that from happening), Hendley is informed by the SBO that 50 of the 76 escaped POWs have been executed, but the escape itself caused havoc behind the German lines, tying up thousands of troops that would have been utilized elsewhere. Shichigoro in front of his adopted son Kotaku, leaving the Number 2 headband in Kotaku's hands with a quiet "Whenever you're ready. Washington Wizards General Manager Tommy Sheppard once called the trade of the center for C.J. Was it Really Worth It? I’m going to share with you, my story. song and explore 0 videos made by new and popular creators. Seeing these, Prowl realizes what a total asshole he's being. If they intentionally do so, and are called out for it, it's that. !