Leeds University Union, with the support of ADEC, have been busy paving the way in alcohol and other drugs management amongst university students. While not all "event" attendees use Ecstasy, the drug often makes the circuit of these parties and can set up dangerous circumstances that can affect everyone there. 2181 Union Ave. The student will be responsible for the costs associated with the retest. Course Scheduling, Registration and Fee; Attendance Policy; Confidentiality and Completion; Fall 2020 Schedule; Sign-Up Now; Program Description. We have compiled a few tips on how to manage university alcohol-free. Observable phenomena such as direct observation of drug or alcohol use or of the physical symptoms or manifestations of being under the influence of alcohol or a drug; Abnormal conduct or erratic behavior or a significant deterioration in performance; A report of alcohol or drug use, provided by a reliable and credible source; Evidence that an individual has tampered with an alcohol or drug test while in the academic program; and. This information, as well as the University's alcohol and drug policies, are outlined in … Cocaine risks: Dependence and addiction, irregular heartbeat, heart attack, and heart failure, strokes, seizures, fungal brain infections, and hemorrhaging in tissue surrounding the brain pulmonary effects, such as fluid in the lungs, aggravation of asthma and other lung disorders, and respiratory failure psychosis, paranoia, depression, anxiety disorders, and delusions, increased risk of traumatic injury from accidents and aggressive, violent, or criminal behavior, sleeplessness, sexual dysfunction, diminished sense of smell, perforated nasal septum, nausea, and headaches. Cocaine increases your blood pressure and heart rate - particularly dangerous if you have a heart condition. The confirmatory test will be observed and performed between fifteen minutes and no more than 30 minutes from the completion of the original test. The collection procedures shall be designed to ensure the security and integrity of the specimen provided by each student and those procedures shall follow chain-of-custody guidelines. 615-447-2500, Germantown / Memphis Campus If this occurs, the University is not liable for any effects this may cause in being unable to foster the student's completion of the program's academic requirements. The employees are encouraged to cooperate during drug and alcohol testing. All courses that the student is enrolled in will be given a grade of an "F.". One use of LSD or PCP can cause multiple and dramatic behavioral changes. Alteration or adulteration of a specimen or admission to the collector that you adulterated or substituted a specimen. At the conclusion of any matter involving the arrest of a student for the aforementioned criminal offenses, the University reserves the right to discipline the student in accordance with the evidence presented in the matter. Hull University Union (HUU) acknowledges that social activities can be an enjoyable aspect of club sport, particularly where they complement a club’s sporting activities 1.2. Completion of this certificate meets the educational requirements for application for certification and/or licensure as an alcohol and drug counselor in many states which have such certification or licensure. Excessive drinking can cause liver damage and psychotic behavior. 2181 Union Ave. 1.2. In furtherance of these beliefs, Union University has instituted an alcohol and drug testing policy to maintain wellness for students with the following goals: Students enrolled in health related programs may be required by clinical agencies to demonstrate that they are alcohol and drug free. War Memorial Student Union University Center For intravenous (IV) users - AIDS, hepatitis, infections and sores at the injection site, and infection of the heart lining and valves (endocarditis). Possession of marijuana is illegal in all fifty states. A "refusal to test," as defined by this policy, will be treated as a "positive" test. Keep up with Union University events on campus and student, faculty and alumni engagement around the world. For intravenous (IV) cocaine users, there is increased risk of hepatitis, HIV infection, and endocarditis. If the initial test indicates an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater, a second test will be performed to confirm the results of the initial test. Evidence that a student has used, possessed, sold, solicited or transferred drugs or abused alcohol. Future-Directed, Employee Directory IT Services However, the University is firmly committed to allowing alcoholic beverages … In furtherance of these beliefs, Union University has instituted an alcohol and drug testing policy to maintain wellness for students with the following goals: To encourage students to develop and engage in healthy, responsible lifestyles. Such drugs include, but are not limited to, amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazedines, cocaine, methaqualone, opiates (codeine, heroine, morphine, papaverine), phenycyclidine (PCP) and cannabinoids (THC, marijuana). "Drug" means any controlled substance identified in Schedules I through V of Section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 731-668-1818, Hendersonville / Nashville Campus For you were bought at a price, Types Including: PCP, LSD, Mescaline, Peyote, Psilocybin - Did you know that. no contest) to such charges must inform the University in writing within five (5) days of the conviction or plea. THC content of marijuana has been increasing since the 1970s. Employment The Off-Campus Conduct Policy allows alcohol-related activities that occur off campus to come under the jurisdiction of the Office of Student Conduct. Following CDC guidelines and recommendations, Union Institute & University employees will continue to work a staggered, hybrid “in office/remote” schedule through December 2020. Germantown, TN 38138 The student will be responsible for complying with all recommendations made by the assistance program. Alcohol continues to be the most frequently abused substance among young adults. These effects occur during use and can continue even weeks after use. To promote the health, academic and professional progress of each student at Union University. Failure to attend or cooperate with recommendations made will subject the student to being dismissed from the program. Using any prescription drug without a current, valid prescription or being under the influence of any prescription drug without a current, valid prescription. To promote the health, academic and professional progress of each student at Union University. Excellence-Driven We're home to five men's and six women's athletics teams and a variety of intramural sports opportunities. Union University firmly believes that the use of drugs and other illegal substances can have a negative effect on the performance of the student's intellectual and spiritual development. In accordance with this policy, "drug" also means any legend drug obtained in violation of any Food and Drug Administration enforced statute or regulation. Site Map 205 Indian Lake Blvd. For pregnant women - premature labor, detachment of the placenta, and low birth weight babies with possible neurological damage, poor feeding, and lethargy. The University Of Texas at Austin Alcohol Policies Drug Free Schools and Communities Act - 2018 Biennial Review. Introduction 1.1. If the student is reinstated to continue in the academic program, the incomplete grades will be replaced with permanent grades once the course requirements are fulfilled. 615-447-2500, Germantown / Memphis Campus Very large doses taken in combination with other central nervous system depressants (e.g., alcohol) cause respiratory depression, coma and sometimes death. Alcohol Education: The University Alcohol Policy is built upon the core principle of education about the responsible possession and consumption of alcohol. The possession of or use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all University on-campus undergraduate residence hall buildings. All students enrolled in Union University are expected to have the responsibility, accountability, and competence to make positive choices that maintain and improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The potential for alcohol and drug abuse threatens the viability of the student's professional development, the public's confidence in Union's programs and its academic reputation among colleges and universities. Jackson, TN 38305 In furtherance of these beliefs, Union University has instituted an alcohol and drug testing policy to maintain wellness for students with the following goals: The brief summaries below are an overview of the major health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and alcohol. Being alcohol-free at university. Memphis, TN 38104 Contains THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the main active chemical in marijuana. There are more hospitalizations per year resulting from crack and cocaine use than any other illicit substance. If the primary specimen is positive, the split will be retained for testing if so requested by the student through the Medical Review Officer. Using any drug (over the counter or prescription, regardless of possession of a valid prescription), that has the potential to impair judgment while on University property, a clinical site or while serving as a representative of Union University. Union is nationally recognized for Christ-centered academic excellence and exceptional value. They also burn fingertips and other body parts from contact with superheated vessels (e.g., glass pipes). Cocaine "high" lasts only about 5 to 20 minutes. Union College's Policy on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. _____ Policy for Drug and Alcohol Detection and Deterrence based upon the _____ commitment to maintain a safe, healthful and productive work environment for all employees, and to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of services to citizens of _____. Use, possession, service, or consumption of alcoholic beverages off the premises of the University campus may all be considered violations of the Student Code of Conduct.Additionally, the following behaviors constitute Code violations: Alcohol is an especially dangerous drug for pregnant women. Alcohol is often used by substance abusers to enhance the effects of other drugs. Union is nationally recognized for Christ-centered academic excellence and exceptional value. Officially, the University of Texas at Austin is an alcohol free campus. Acute anxiety, depression, panic, paranoia, or psychotic behavior may accompany a bad trip or may occur after most other effects of the drug have worn off. Testing shall be in accordance with industry standards and in accordance with any applicable federal and state laws. People-Focused There must be at least equivalent amounts of non-alcoholic beverages as alcoholic beverages available. Risk of injury or death as a result of accident or violence, impaired vision, impaired motor coordination, memory defects, hallucinations, blackouts, and seizures. Cocaine use may cause severe "mood swings" and irritability. 731-668-1818, Hendersonville / Nashville Campus An overdose can result in a longer, more intense and more frightening trip, and the spontaneous, recurring hallucinations known as flashbacks can occur days, weeks, or more than a year after LSD use. Memphis, TN 38104 Union's variety of organizations, events and sports offers something for everyone. • Work with all relevant partners to deliver responsible commercial services where alcohol is available on site. To promote the health, academic and professional progress of each student at Union University. 1.3. "Reasonable-suspicion drug testing" means alcohol or drug testing based on a belief that a student is using or has used alcohol or drugs in violation of this policy drawn from specific, objective facts and reasonable inferences drawn from those facts in light of experience. A Medical Review Officer shall be designated to receive all laboratory results from every type of test and assure that an individual who has tested positive has been afforded an opportunity to justify the test result. Our graduates succeed in the top graduate schools, careers and ministries around the world. Future-Directed, Employee Directory 901-759-0029, Midtown / Memphis Campus The Students' Union also recognises that it plays a part in the … Using, selling, purchasing, transferring, possessing, manufacturing, or storing an illegal drug or drug paraphernalia, or attempting or assisting another to do so, while on University property, in a clinical site or as a representative of Union University. 901-324-2014, Office of Student Leadership & Engagement, Vocatio Center for Life Calling and Career, Student Accountability, Policies and Resources, « Student Accountability, Policy & Resources Home, Student Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy to Maintain Wellness. This includes prescription stimulants without a valid, current (within 6 months) psychosocial evaluation. Ice is extremely addictive - sometimes with just one use! The student will have the option to abide by the plan or withdraw from the academic program and University. The Students’ Union is committed to providing a safe and healthy study, work and leisure environment that fosters and promotes the sensible consumption of alcohol. The University recognises that the majority of students will not be affected by alcohol misuse but, where a student declares that they have a Christ-Centered Tests may be based on breath, saliva, urine, blood and/or hair samples and are conducted by qualified and licensed personnel. Crack possession and use are illegal in all fifty states. Union’s Alcohol & Drug Abuse graduates may be eligible to apply for licensure or certification in the above states. Abuse of alcohol and other drugs can lead to chemical dependency and can be harmful during pregnancy. Alcohol Policy 1. The University reserves the right to suspend any student who has been arrested for criminal offenses related to the manufacture, possession, sale, use, distribution, dispensation, receipt or transport of any illegal substance pending resolution of the charges to the University's satisfaction. The following are additional disciplinary consequences: Students who are convicted of any alcohol or drug related violation under state or federal law or who plead guilty or nolo contendere (i.e. We're home to five men's and six women's athletics teams and a variety of intramural sports opportunities. Hendersonville, TN 37075 205 Indian Lake Blvd. Privacy Policy, Main Campus Among other things, the facts and inferences may be based upon: "Under the influence" means a condition which alters, impairs, diminishes or affects the body's sensory, cognitive or motor function due to alcohol or drug consumption; drug comsumption may include extensive use of prescribed medications as well as illegal use of drugs. To provide early detection and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. POLICY STATEMENT: The purpose of this policy is to ensure public safety and to maintain a safe, and productive work environment for all employees by preventing accidents or other dangerous incidents that may result from drug or alcohol use. Large doses of hallucinogens may cause convulsions, ruptured blood vessels in the brain and irreversible brain damage. 1. However, students are responsible for costs associated with enrollment and pre-clinical drug testing, participation in approved assistance programs, outpatient and/or inpatient recommended treatment plans and follow-up. b) Ensure that the University environment is safe for students and staff and complies with health and safety regulations. As little as two beers or drinks can impair coordination and thinking. This policy applies to all students enrolled in health related academic programs at Union University. Contact Us Sarah Rothman, the university’s student development coordinator, said counselling services have highlighted alcohol as a recurring issue within the student population. Marijuana may cause impaired short-term memory, a shortened attention span and delayed reflexes. Second "positive" test - Students receiving a second "positive" test will be dismissed from their academic program and the University. Repeated use of marijuana may cause breathing problems. UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX STUDENTS’ UNION ALCOHOL POLICY (SEPTEMBER 2015) 1. University rules also place certain restrictions on events involving alcoholic beverage distributors. After receiving appropriate recommendations and/or completing treatment, the student will be reinstated to continue with the original cohort or will be reenrolled with a later cohort. Reenrollment to continue with a subsequent cohort may occur if the suspension is cleared after more than one semester. This policy statement is specifically for those students and it's purpose is to delineate the procedures for required clinical testing, and to establish actions to be taken in the event of positive testing. Policy on Drug and Alcohol Abuse. "Assistance program" means an established and approved program capable of providing expert assessment of alcohol or drug abuse; confidential and timely identification of services with regard to alcohol or drug abuse; referrals of students for appropriate diagnosis, treatment and assistance; and follow-up services for students who participate in the program or require monitoring if returned to their academic program. Don’t feel the need to justify your sobriety to others. therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's.". Annual Safety Report (also known as Annual Security Report) 2019 Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program (DAPP) Virginia Union University Biennial Review Report 2010-2014 Title IX. This policy applies to all members of the Central Washington University community at all events, on or off campus, sponsored by the university, including clubs and organizations, and/or held in any university facility. While it is not impossible for your organization to have an approved event with alcohol on-campus (such as a reception or meal) it must be planned months in advance so the appropriate approvals may be granted. Aims of the university‟s alcohol policy 3. To reduce the risk and threat of injury to students and the public. It is the intent of the University to establish practices and procedures that discourage irresponsible use of alcoholic beverages and to ensure compliance with state laws by all individuals on University property or property under the control of the University. Michigan has a “zero tolerance” policy for drivers under 21, meaning their blood alcohol concentration cannot exceed .02 percent. In other words, they change how the brain works. Policy. IT Services Fetal cocaine effects include premature separation of the placenta, spontaneous abortion, premature labor, low birth weight and head circumference at birth, greater chance of visual impairment, mental retardation, genitourinary malformations, and greater chance of developmental problems. The University of Sussex Students' Union recognise the need to ensure we take a responsible approach towards the retail of alcohol, given that a large part of our commercial services are heavily based in the entertainment and licensed trade sector with a number of licensed premises on campus as well as one in Brighton. Alcohol & Illegal Substances Alcohol Policy. Please complete all blanks unless otherwise instructed. This policy applies to all members of the Central Washington University community at all events, on or off campus, sponsored by the university, including clubs and organizations, and/or held in any university facility. Drinking during pregnancy raises the risk of low-birth weight babies and intrauterine growth retardation, increasing the danger of infection, feeding difficulties, and long-term developmental problems. Ice Also known as: Meth, Crystal, Crank, Methamphetamine - Did you know that. Spartan Smart Program is now a virtual alcohol and marijuana education course designed to meet the needs of students who have received a sanction through Michigan State University's Dean of Students Office, a minor in possession (MIP) charge, a … In our close-knit learning community, top-tier academics and Christian faith are integrated in 100 programs of study. Employment ncadi.samhsa.gov American Council for Drug Education, Health Risks: In small doses, barbiturates produce calmness, relaxed muscles and lowered anxiety. During pregnancy, marijuana may cause birth defects. When testing is accomplished by urinalysis testing, it shall be accomplished by split specimen collection. Consuming or being under the influence of alcohol, smoking or using smokeless tobacco on University property, at a clinical site, or as a representative of Union University. This policy will apply to the sale, possession, or consumption of alcohol in or at any University sponsored or registered event. Also known as: Pot, Grass, Joints, Roaches, Reefer, Weed, Mary Jane - Did you know that, Marijuana Risks: Impaired perception, Diminished short-term memory, loss of concentration and coordination, impaired judgment, increased risk of accidents, loss of motivation, diminished inhibitions, risk of AIDS and other STDs, increased heart rate, anxiety, panic attacks, and paranoia, hallucinations, damage to the respiratory, reproductive, and immune systems, increased risk of cancer, psychological, Also known as: Coke, Dust, Snow, Flake, Blow, Girl - Did you know that. Join in! Introduction This policy is part of a University and Students’ Union approach that Our graduates succeed in the top graduate schools, careers and ministries around the world. A valid prescription is one that is issued by a licensed health care provider authorized to issue such prescription and used for its intended purpose as prescribed before any expiration date. UNB has an existing alcohol policy in place, but those regulations are several years old. Giving to Union Hendersonville, TN 37075 The Students’ Union recognises that the consumption of alcohol is The policy pertains to the activities of all students on University property, and the activities of students at University-sponsored events or at off-campus activities while representing the University community. UUAlerts frequented by both adults and youth. The policy also reflects the university's philosophy that the service of alcoholic beverages must promote and encourage the responsible use of alcohol. It is a violation of state law and university policy for a student under 21 years of age to attempt to purchase, consume, possess or transport alcoholic beverages. The encouragement of excessive consumption of alcohol must be avoided. While it is the desire to the University to promote a wellness plan that supports the grace filled community of the University, there are many external factors (e.g. Symptoms: A person who uses barbiturates may have poor muscle control, appear drowsy or drunk, become confused, irritable, inattentive or have slowed reactions. Keep up with Union University events on campus and student, faculty and alumni engagement around the world. To promote the health, academic and professional progress of each student at Union University. People-Focused Repeated use may cause insomnia, hallucinations, seizures, paranoia. Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy As a student, it is important to understand university policies regarding alcohol and the conduct process. The possession, consumption, sale or furnishing of alcoholic beverages is prohibited except in those areas where such activities are specifically allowed. When you stop using ice you may experience a deep depression. The company reserves the right to do a drug and alcohol testing for any employee before he joins the company as a part of the background check. Alcohol Policy Georgia Southern University recognizes that members of the campus community and members of the Statesboro-Bulloch County community may wish to have alcoholic beverages served at various events and functions on the University's campus or other areas under the control of the University. Called MDMA (3-4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) by scientists, it is a synthetic chemical that can be derived from an essential oil of the sassafras tree. Alcohol Policy 2016. If alcohol is to be sold on a per-drink basis, the price of non-alcoholic beverages must be less than the price of alcoholic beverages. Bookstore To provide early detection and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. Site Map In our close-knit learning community, top-tier academics and Christian faith are integrated in 100 programs of study. Access to this information will be limited to those who have a need to know and will be kept separately from a student's academic record. Jackson, TN 38305 The Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act of 1989 requires the University to provide information to students about the health risks and legal consequences of substance abuse. Union University will be responsible for costs associated with the random, reasonable suspicion and post incident screening process. Failure to provide adequate urine, hair, swab or other biological material for prohibited substances testing without a valid medical explanation after he or she has received notice of the requirement for testing; Engaging in conduct that obstructs or interferes with the testing process; Failure or refusal to execute the required forms provided in conjunction with the receipt of this policy or which are a part of the testing; Failure to be readily available for requested testing; Failure to report to, and undergo prohibited substances testing as required; and. Policies and Procedures: Arizona State University strives to a create safe and healthy learning and living environments in which underage drinking, high risk alcohol use and illegal drugs do not interfere with student’s academic and personal success.