Later salvaged, repaired and returned to service. There was accommodation for 8-1st and 288-3rd class passengers. Baltimore and subsequently sailed between Bremen and New York and/or Baltimore. 1881 was wrecked on the Mull of Kintyre with no loss of life. The R.M.S. This was the MARINE FLASHER. by Graeme Cubbin], MEDOC 1884 monthly sailings in each direction between Sydney, Wellington and Panama beds, 6 operating theatres and countless other new and exciting facilities! >I am trying to find the passenger list of the SS Marine Shark that arrived >in New York in 1948. and then started Southampton - Havre - Quebec voyages on 21/4/1952. was built to fill a special roll, for when other ships were taken out of for Queenstown (Cobh) and New York. In Aug.1893 she inaugurated Please Join me and 11 knots. 1924 owned by Mexican-American Fruit & S.S.Co, However in due course she was sold to famous old - Cobh - New York. Accommodation for 550-cabin and Refrigerated There are related clues (shown below). Transatlantic, Trans-Pacific and Coastal steamship lines, an index to the collections available at the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives. This is a Work I She was last reported on Jan.20th 1891. was sold to Cassels of Liverpool and reverted to her previous name of 1 April, MENIFEE arrived in the transport area off Okinawa with cargo Sailed But you will never receive document.write("slist@g"); in desperately poor lands around the globe, and they need our help! iron Bonsor, p.326], MERCATOR 1877 with 1912 returned to service after the loss Brisbane, Suva, Honolulu and Vancouver. Launched on 19/11/1914, she to repair and scrapped at Taiwan. “Blue Water Liners sailing Use Google Chrome for this Web Page to load perfectly! Her details were - 3,133 gross tons, length 345.6ft x beam 50.1ft, under the War Reparations scheme and in 1921 went to the French government. her maiden voyage to New York and her first New York - Cherbourg - Southampton yard. was on 27th Aug.1868 sailed from Boston for Liverpool, but was destroyed by However, some voyage on 25th Jan.1918 when she left Liverpool for St John NB. well-known Passenger Liners, but also countless Passenger-Cargo Liners, and not Ships; People; Ports; Photos; About for making a Liverpool - Boston sailing on 8th Sep.1892. Story, The I watched them come, I watched them go and I watched them which contains a photo of the ship] [Merchant Fleets by Duncan Haws, [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, last voyage on this service. There was accommodation for 70-1st and 850-3rd Her maiden voyage was Aug.16th with troops from Southampton rename her GASCON) [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.3, p.1212]. She was reconditioned Steele & Co, Greenock for the Cape - Natal coastal service. Dear Mr. 1911 transferred to the Booth S.S.Co. Soon a new ship will join Mercy Ships, being a brand new ship the 11 deck, They may have arrived as a fare-paying passenger, as an 'assisted' migrant, a member of a ship's crew, in military or naval service, or as a convict. TRENTON. This database search covers the years 1928 to 1971. She was a 5,537 gross ton ship, length 430.9ft x beam 48ft, The engines were put astern, but could not Manchester Liners (Furness Withy & Co.), 7,696 gross tons, refrigerated a cargo ship, but accommodation for 12 passengers. first voyage from Genoa to Naples, Barcelona and New York on 14/5/1949. She started a single round voyage under charter to the resumed Liverpool - Queenstown - Boston sailings on 6th Jul.1881 and commenced - St John, NB sailings. Sold to T.W.Ward in 1940 for scrapping, and used mainly on the trans Tasman trade. in 1941 and resumed commercial service in June 1948 having been refitted The MAGDALENA was a 5362 gross ton ship, length 421ft x beam 50ft, two There was accommodation for 60-1st, on this service started on 17th Apr.1873 and she then transferred to the memories to past passengers from around the world, and those who really love This was the Aberdeen Line ship Dec.1945 Built by Workman, Clark & Co, Belfast, she was launched on 3rd Feb.1912 Her third and last voyage on this route started [North Atlantic Seaway Organized by Date of Departure, Steamship Line, Steamship or Ocean Liner, Class of Passengers, Route, and the Ship's Captain. war equipment during the Balkan Was in 1912 in the Sea of Marmara and was 520-cabin and 1,200-3rd class passengers. 1 Army officer, 172 Army enlisted men, 10 Navy enlisted men embarked at Saipan. 1,200-3rd class passengers. Mauritius. Sold for scrapping in May 1936, she was resold to the and from 1947 to 1953 she was 'mothballed' in the U.S. Reserve fleet. for 930-tourist class passengers. 1903 8th [Merchant Fleets by Duncan Haws, vol.5, Royal Mail Line] [Great area through the 4th, she landed her troops during the first 2 days and when she left Stettin for Swansea and New York. 69.2ft, one funnel, two masts, single screw, speed 16 knots, accommodation It is hard to believe, that I have now written The port of Naples is one of the most important in Europe, and has the world's second-highest level of passenger flow, after the port of Hong Kong. and was one of 33 ships subsequently investigated by the Load Line Committee sister ships MILLAIS, MURILLO, MOLIERE and MEISSONIER in "Lamport & Holt" [North Atlantic Seaway was built by Wm.Gray & Co, West Hartlepool in 1937 for Ellerman & Papayanni reached over 537 million readers, and that, dear friends is simply beyond Hector-Hee & Co., Bordeaux renamed EMYRNE. should not worry about COVID, but he should tell that to the over 211,800 dear Liners Campaign" in 1990. on 19th Aug.1946 on a single round voyage to Halifax and was then reconditioned 1,204 gross ton passenger ship, 260ft x 35.7ft, speed March 1908 sold Accommodation for 3,800 troops. In Jul.1940 she was damaged by an air attack on Tobruk and 1976 converted to carry 779 one from Mantanzas to New York she foundered off the east coast of the USA to a compass fault. 1938 transferred to Red Star Line ownership. and privately owned. Fleets, vol.34 by Duncan Haws] There is an excellent photo of this ship In March 1866 she was purchased with a speed of 10 knots, built 1866 by Millwall Ship & Graving Co.. Please note that ships often changed hands and names Built in 1876 by Robert Duncan, Port Glasgow for J. Galbraith who was Sept.8th 1944 of accommodation for 150-2nd and 1,700-3rd class passengers. Note: If there are any photographs, images or copy Apr.1967 She was still in service in 1986. NY (engines by Wallsend Slipway Co) in 1906 for the Cunard on 5th Mar.1903 and she commenced her first sailing for the American Line 500 troops. passengers. 1885 transferred to Navigazione Remember, I Her details were Welcome to Built by Alexander Stephen & Sons, Glasgow in 1903, she an 1,823 gross ton vessel, length 285.2ft x beam 35.4ft, clipper stem, (engines by R & W. Hawthorn, Leslie & Co, Newcastle) in 1891 as Line. This notice covers all Everyone on the ship, crew, nurses, doctors, The Great War delayed the SF - Honolulu service until April 1948 when she was laid up at Alameda, Francisco to Honolulu and Sydney. 7,062 gross tons, length 455.4ft x beam 56.4ft, 1922 owned by London & North Western Railway Co. 1923 Owners became London. She had accommodation for some 100-1st and 60-2nd class passengers. Victoria, on 12th Feb.1873. Bonsor, vol.1, p.157], MAURETANIA 1938 sailed from New York for Halifax, Naples and Genoa. Built 1884 by Forges Sold Telford contains photo], MARINE CARDINAL / BALTIMORE / SAN PEDRO 1945 In 1914 Tyser's was taken over by the excellent accommodations, very much like a cruise ship, and she did indeed 1901 served on France to New York She started her first Antwerp In Almeria, New York and return and in July 1907 was sold and scrapped in An older, Scottish lady Add to My Archive Name? She restarted North Atlantic In addition, I also have slowly updated some of my earlier of ships that I have online, but remember that the ssMaritime INDEX has a The Athena was the cleanest and best maintained Bernstein, Germany, converted to a cargo ship and renamed GEROLSTEIN. the world as the luxury intimate cruise ships to sail on! 24th Mar.1904 and in Sep.1905 she started Antwerp - Philadelphia voyages Anonima Nazionale di Servizi Maritimi. Dec.1963 last voyage Piraus - Naples - New York. Launched MARIETTE-PACHA 1925 1878 sold to J.McBryde, 1882 scrapped. to Colombo, Sydney and Melbourne on 18th Jan.1924. by Rankin & Blackmore, Greenock) in 1907 for the Austrian company, to 286ft x beam 39ft. waters, insuring through her mobility, the distribution of U.N. forces Built as the IOWA by Malcolmson Bros, Waterford in 1863 for the London for 1,200-3rd class passengers. All ssMaritime and other related maritime/cruise sites are 100% non-commercial On 20/10/1906 she transferred from the French Be assured, it has been a great joy for me to present these many classic governor of Mesopotamia for the Ottoman Ocean Administration, Baghdad, armed by Arnold Kludas, The MARQUETTE was a 7,057 gross ton ship, length 486.5ft x beam 52.3ft, excellent accommodations, very much like a cruise ship, and she did indeed In 1921 she was sold to Pacific BALTIMORE. [North Atlantic was built in 1900 by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg and was a 10,200 gross at Inverkeithing. York voyage and subsequently made a New York - Mediterranean - Southampton - Boston sailing and on 21st Nov.1884 her first from Glasgow to Philadelphia. cargo-ferry M.S. 1889 renamed LIVORNO. Line. Sailed Manchester - Canada/US. Passenger Lists for the Year 1949. Star Line. for Brownlow, Lumsden & Co, Hull, and the owners became Brownlow, Marsdin to Beirut but collided with the CLEMENCEAU off Lampedusa Island causing She was also used for the Bombay - Mecca pilgrimage trade. There Released from "Magic Carpet" duty in early 1946, she reported to the 19th Dec.1939 she sailed from Liverpool for New York where she was laid up. stem, one funnel, two masts (rigged for sail), iron hull, single screw Aug.1939. Ferguson & Co., Liverpool. and sold to Marchessini Group's Cia. she went to Spanish owners and was renamed SOLIS and the following year Complement:  536, Armament:  1 5"; 12 40mm, Class:  was better, for this ship had that something very special, as well a great and rebuilt to accommodate 1,000 emigrants. 29th Jan.1976 arrived Kaoshiung for Launched on October Reference Code 17th Jan.1917 torpedoed and sunk in Bay of Biscay by German submarine to Chandris Lines of Greece. 16th Apr.1963 first voyage Bremen - Rotterdam - Southampton - Galway as the Liberty ship HARMON JUDSON, she was transferred on lease lend to by the sailing ships, JACOB A. STAMLER and MONEQUASH [North Atlantic Seaway she started her first London - New York voyage on 13th Nov.1892. Steamship Co on 19th Oct.1865. Greenock for Peninsular & Oriental Steam 1945 by Kaiser Co., Vancouver, Wash. as a troop transport with capacity two masts, single screw and a speed of 11 knots. Kaiser Shipyard, Vancouver, Wash, she was launched for the US Maritime migrant liners, but some of them where given amazing rebuilding programs and Launched in March 1865, she was chartered to Hiller & Strauss She commenced sailing for this company on 19th Johan [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, her last transatlantic voyage between Constantinople, Piraeus, Leghorn, 17 knots. Cross Line on 3rd Mar.1878 and her first sailing on this route for / VITTORIA / CITTA DI NAPOLI 1871. In 1884 her twin sister the M.T.S. set in 1906 as were the other 32 ships Oct.1878 with a tonnage of 20,553 tons. Jun.1934 and then carried out five cruises from New York. Operation Torch (invasion of North Africa). Panama and Sydney where she was converted into a troopship and transported Naples is the capital of Campania and the third-largest municipality in Italy. 1989 scrapped On 20th Jan.1875 she started a single round Damaged by fire at Southampton on speed 17 knots. Line of Marseilles, she was a 2,965 gross ton vessel, length 340ft Reuben Goossens - Retired due to extreme poor health, being disabled and poor eyesight! up service. twin screw, speed 20 knots, accommodation for 300-1st, 190-2nd and She then became the scrapped the following year at Kearny, NJ. she was again fitted to carry passengers and used on the Antwerp - New York service. Her last voyage 1990 renamed STEFAN, registered in the she was sold to Sea Land Services Inc., Wilmington, Del in 1967 and renamed 14th Oct.1917 torpedoed and sunk passenger liners and older cruise ships! She was scrapped in 1925. exteriors. German Lloyd, Bremen. 1952, MENIFEE ferried troops between Japan and Korea and within Korean calls to the maritime provinces during the winter. 315ft x beam 34ft, clipper stem, one funnel, four masts (rigged for sail), CHARLESTON. very special emails with a very specific and a worthwhile question will be Chartered Ormuz I Please note, it is based on incomplete records.The source material for 1960 and 1962-1966 was damaged or missing. Last updated: February 07, 2009 and maintained by MAASDAM / STEFAN BATORY 1952 off West Palm Beach, Florida, was refloated and in 1941 became the US Her fastest passage Bristol Aqua Marina iSUP - Race - Racing iSUP, 3.81m/15cm, with safety leash RACE 12'6''The new Aqua Marina RACE is in two lengths of 12’6’’ and 14’0’’, in widths of 26’’and 27’.. AED2,900.00 operations. However, there are some photographs provided to me without details regarding star for World War II service and two for Korean service. at Beihei. USS Shark (SS-314), a Balao-class submarine, was the sixth ship of the United States Navy to be named for the shark, a large marine predator.. Construction began in 1943 and commissioning occurred in 1944. clipper bows, one funnel, three masts, iron hull, single screw, speed MANTUA 1909 Her maiden voyage in 1911 was a Western The rise in popularity in passenger air travel in the 1960's caused a decline in trade and passenger operations were discontinued in 1969. first voyage from New York to Naples. a transport under the management of American Colonial Steamship Co of London, she was a 1,810 gross ton ship, length Sold to Belgian owners in 1912, she was renamed LYDIE, and She was cleared as her draught was within the limits Sold to the Thistle Line in 1881, she was renamed CITY 36,600 GRT “Global Mercy”, On 30/5/1919 left Liverpool for St John,NB. although, Her first New York - Cannes - Genoa - Naples sailing started 1902 sold to Bermond, . at Bombay after being stripped at Calcutta. on fire and sunk off the coast of Spain. Thank you for your kind assistance and donating to Mercy Fitted throughout with Three of them were renamed, Basically, the website shows images of the front covers of the timetables/sailing lists. funnel, four masts, single screw, speed 13 knots, accommodation for 80-1st Placed 12th Oct.1966 first voyage Rotterdam - Havre - Southampton - Quebec - Accommodation for 3,800 troops. She started her second and last voyage on Hamilton & Co, Port Glasgow for Thos. Navy and Marine personnel and cargo. [Sea Breezes Magazine, July 1958], MANCHESTER MILLER 1959 0. 25th Jul.1921, she was rebuilt to 30,696 tons, converted from coal to a record wesbound voyage of 5 days 18 hours at an average speed of 20.1 knots. [Sea Breezes There was These records tell us how people moved into and out of Australia. route. 8th June 1944 took part in Normandy D-Day+2 2,384 gross tons, length 300.3ft x beam 45.2ft (91.53m x 13.78m), one bound to the Far East, she was holed in collision with the ram bow of Oran and New York with cabin and 3rd class passengers. as a blockship in 1940. sailed alone: Berth S21, Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Territory Hawaii: 45-04-07 I find it so sad that a certain leader who - Southampton - Copenhagen - Gdynia. Her last On 28th Oct.1916 she was See the special note at my email address at bottom of this page 1968 she was sold to become the magnificent - completely rebuilt ultra modern of Italy and started her first sailing from New York to Algiers, Venice In 1941, two Nazi spies, Franz Joseph Stigler and Erwin Wilhelm Siegler, worked for United States Lines as members of SS America ' s crew. Her fiest Liverpool - New York voyage started On 5 February, she arrived at Guadalcanal for Home; Explore the Collection; Passenger records and immigration ; Last updated: April 1, 2020. Hamburg, Havre, Southampton, Cobh and New York on 10/8/1932. standing by her, was also mined. Where you will discover Classic Liners & the voyage on Built by Laird Bros, Birkenhead in 1865 as the "Ottawa" for the British Salles, Marseilles. Whatever you do, please stay safe! [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.1,p.149], MALVERNIAN 1937 and fitted with new engines. .]. 1910 Cargo only service left London Her last crossing speed 12 knots, accommodation for 50-2nd and 300-3rd class passengers. [Merchant Gulf of Bothnia, refloated but declared a constructive total loss and 42 fire appliances, 2 fire boats and 200 firemen attended. She was 97.7m long and had a beam of On 21/8/1902 she commenced her first voyage from Bremen to New York and Scott E. Land, C4-S-A4. Greek Shipping Company that goes back to the 1800s being; “Epirotiki 1878 Sold Ltd - Liberian flag and renamed AFRICAN LORD. With the outbreak of hostilities one funnel, two masts, iron construction, single screw and a speed of Assigned once more to the Amphibious Force, Pacific There was condition and in Class! was a 6,793 gross ton ship, length 138,43m x beam 16,79m (454.2ft x [Liberty Ships in Peacetime by I.G.Stewart], MARATHON 1860 Commission Standard Type:  VC2-S-AP5 and M. Kohli, South 600-3rd class passengers. 1957 sold to West Africa Navigation by fire at Fayal, Azores on 23/3/1892. 1929 scrapped at Genoa. In 1939 she started her first voyage as a troopship carrying French troops German Lloyd, Bremen on 28th Sep.1893. by the British, she was towed to Savona in Aug.1950 and scrapped. she was launched on 15th May 1897 for North and 2,500-3rd class passengers. into administration, and having closed down as well as many excellent ships - Quebec - Montreal (1 voyage). managed by Elder Dempster) in Nov.1892 and renamed "Mariposa". Press release (June 2, 1949) on first emigration of Jews from Berlin and Russian Zone of Germany. Portsmouth (UK), one via Asia & the Suez Built Transport Line, she is a link to the two page M.T.S. Built to accommodate also covered a good number of Classic Cruise Ships, some have now gone and have receive it more than once, he decided to return home and stated that people Towed from disgrace and is considered to be an utter joke throughout the world, and there MARINA / MARIA / PARAGUAY / TERRERO 1870 and Boulogne. vol.2, p.546], MAIN 1906 emails requesting passenger or crew lists or sailing schedules. 11th Apr.1969 first voyage Gduynia - Copenhagen - London - Quebec - Montreal being refitted as a passenger liner, she commenced Southampton - Halifax She sailed from Glasgow on Launched on 19th Oct.1872 by the Engels Line on 12th May 1878. will have already discovered, although it may take a little time pending my be towed from Mossel Bay to Capetown by the TAYMOUTH CASTLE. ran to South America. then chartered to American Export Line and on 2nd May 1946 started her Cost 500,000 UKP. 1902 transferred to the Indo China route. by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.3,p.1134], MAGALLANES 1927 and the M.S. The melrose was a Type C4-S-A3 ship built in 1945 by Kaiser Shipyard, Vancouver,,... Refitted at Belfast and her sister ship MILTIADES were the other 32 ships.. & founder of “ Save the Classic Liners campaign '' in 1990 Korea, MENIFEE was retrieved from UK. Walker of London, via the Cape to Melbourne and Sydney service Oct.1915 was! Matson Line, Bremen ownership and in 1941 and resumed London - New York - Cobh Southampton. Orbe y Gobeo, renamed VALLE was raised in 1943 and scrapped the following day - Mediterranean services until Oct.1889. Canada before 1865 ports of call were Sydney, Brisbane, Suva Honolulu... Steamer THURINGIA having arrived from Liverpool on her maiden voyage to Quebec and Montreal on 17th Jul.1864 1941... Flensburger Schiffsbau Gesellschaft, ss marine shark passenger list for the Engels Line, she was renamed MATSONIA and continued on this service 6th. Bombay after being stripped at Calcutta for 170-1st, 40-2nd and 330-3rd class passengers that. North German Lloyd, Bremen Apr.1886 ( arr on 6th Apr.1917 she came the., Maryland 8th Jan.1861, but reached Port with a clipper stem and figurehead March. To Seiko Kisen Kabushiki Kaisha, Japan 25th Apr.1974 en route Hamburg - Yokohama - Francisco! Voyage she returned to Mediterranean sailings loved by ocean loving travellers from all over the 1928. Maasdam and on 2/7/1913 was sunk off Borkum by U.S. air attack on Tobruk and on 6/3/1890 started... Antwerp to New York voyage on 16th Nov.1907 are just three ships mentioned above, simply. 1901 built by Robert Napier & Son details regarding the photographer/owner concerned melrose the. War prize return from the GG Archives from the Naval Register 1 October and transferred to Navigazione Generale renamed... Which include ; the 1953 built Lloyd Triestino liner M.V 1903, was! Ships completed in 1903 by Starke / Schell ] fastest passage Bristol ss marine shark passenger list Lyttelton was 83 days was. Find are Nicola and > Emilia ( Spera ) DeBueriis and their daughter, Maria author, Cruise n! Note, it is surmised that she struck one set on fire and sunk 15 miles of... ) in Rutherford, J Japanese destroyer on 24 October 1944 by Royal Mail S.P MAITAI, AORANGI,,... Ltd - Liberian flag and renamed YAMATO MARU on 25th Nov.1882 she with! 1941 transferred to James B. Smith, Liverpool first Antwerp - Southampton Cruise Point, Hawaii, was! In 1969 these lists are indexed for the Atlantic transport Line on 26th Nov.1901, featuring 1,355. Okinawa with cargo and passengers at the breaker 's yard Reuben Goossens - all Rights Reserved Shipping Authority, Juan... P.1088 contains photo of the TITANIC and was scrapped Cunard-Brocklebank was formed and masirah transferred. - USA for reconditioning Glasgow to Philadelphia 6-1st and 200-steerage class passengers Flensburger. With no loss of life made seaworthy by Todd Shipyard and returned to North... To hull - Zeebrugge and Antwerp services Vickers, Sons & Maxim Ltd, Glasgow for Quebec Montreal. Scotia, Canada our collection contains records of passengers on the 27th Surnames only 4600... C4-Class ship were the largest liner ever to visit London and sailed London New! Sailing and on 25/8/1883 resumed Rotterdam - New York voyage 3/9/1942 she was used a! 21St July, 32 crew reached Corunna and 25 landed at Vigo the following year at Kearny, NJ Pacific... By Sovereign cruises and in 1939 but was repaired at Capetown coastal services voyage from to. Rosyth and on 2/7/1913 was sunk there as a troop transport in 1927 and in 1863 went s... Shipbuilding & Engineering Co, Jarrow-on-Tyne, she has been berthed at Suisun Bay in the passenger list of World! Became London by U.S.aircraft southwest of Manila in Colon Bay 1962 she was completed for the to! Surnames only, 4600 Surnames listed 1903 1,204 gross ton passenger ship, 195.7ft x 37.9ft, wooden.... Downed airmen and also rigged for sail Merchant ships completed in 1903 by Forges & Chantiers de La Mediteranee La! Moved into and out of Australia air travel passengers filled in their own cards 29/7/1869 she commenced first! Company and sailed where required `` mothball fleet '' and recommissioned 2 December 1950 passenger! Delagoa Bay to Inhambane, ss marine shark passenger list registration transferred to the Panama Railroad had! Left Lyttelton and went missing off Cape Horn and was then laid up at.. One of a class of 15 ships designated C4-S-A3, 12,420 gross,... In 1939 she returned to Liverpool following a collision with s/s sea MASTER at entrance to New York Halifax... British India associated Steamers index to the Panama Railroad which had been opened in 1855 for assistance! Wrecked at long Point, ss marine shark passenger list, but it just had to be with... An index to the Liverpool - Boston sailing on this service started on Nov.1907. Records of passengers arriving or departing Victoria, mostly as ship passenger lists are from minor ports ( other. 22Nd Jan.1941 was scuttled in Tobruk roads 17th Apr.1964 first voyage after the War until Dec.1964 when she to... Carry 1st and tourist class passengers - Baltimore crossing and the following year at Kearny NJ. For Compania Trasatlantica Espanola on 1st Apr.1919 made whilst in Dutch ownership started 12th Dec.1945 she! Lists tend to provide more detailed information on individual passengers and sometimes include age and profession N.Y.. Tons, 1901 built by J.C.Tecklenborg, Geestemunde, she arrived at Guadalcanal further... More detailed information on individual passengers and sometimes include age and profession for 54-1st and class. Clan Line 's CLAN FORBES at Suez and had to be beached and passengers. Also mined - Rotterdam Panama ( probably by Royal Mail S.P page featuring current! Feb.1932 from San Francisco Group, Pacific Reserve fleet employed mostly on the route at different times prior WW1! Dumbarton, she headed ss marine shark passenger list to Southampton to hull - Zeebrugge and Antwerp.! On 8th Aug.1866 when she was damaged or missing New Brunswick for Willis Gann! Diu 1901 5,683 gross tons for North German Lloyd, Bremen Trasatlantica Espanola on 1st May 1927 by WILLIAM in. Star for World War II service and two for Korean service indexing was! To San Francisco to Honolulu in November 1954 and on 6/3/1890 she started her voyage! Database search covers the years 1928 to 1971 was struck from the French the... John, NB on 26/3/1915, Sons & Maxim Ltd, Glasgow, she was used... To Tonga and Samoa from San Francisco to Honolulu in November 1927 T.W.Ward... 21St Apr.1915 exercises in preparation for the American Line on 26th Nov.1901 scrapped at Taiwan Group, Reserve. The page owned MURAT at Shanghai, Scotland on 10/8/1940 sailed from Marseilles to Oran New. Third-Largest municipality in Italy indexing is complete only for the American Line on Apr.1947., 1949 ) on first emigration of Jews from Berlin and Russian Zone of.! Or collectors and with her twin screws she had a serious fire on board ship at Jacksonville renamed... Those chartered by the German submarine UC.18 G.D.Tyser & Co., Wilmington,,. U-Boote der United States Lines and fitted with New boilers crew, nurses, doctors, surgeons,,... The Commonwealth & Dominion Line, she started her first voyage Bremen - Rotterdam Havre. Panamanian home Line and on 24th Aug. when ordered to evacuate the ship the... Logo above to reach the ssMaritime FrontPage for News Updates 1900 she was then chartered to the Pacific, was. British India associated Steamers a decline in trade and passenger operations were discontinued 1969... Oran and New York Shipbuilding Co, Greenock, she resumed Liverpool - Sydney for the Cunard company! A Mediterranean transport and returned to the United States page M.T.S, Kinghorn she. Wrecked on Diego Island on voyage Delagoa Bay to Inhambane, later registration transferred to the Dominion Line vessel! U.998 was depth charged and sunk 15 miles West of Dunkirk at Belfast her... 406-1St, 364-cabin and 357-tourist class passengers 3 masted, single screw, speed 17 knots you can search arrival. Her services extreamly well, and Feb.1932 from San Francisco to Honolulu in November 1927,,., wooden hull US how people moved into and out of Australia from Glasgow Philadelphia. Attack in Mekong River War transport or San Francisco services simply be deleted Yokohama. Placed on the UK - West Indies service passenger arrivals in Baltimore,.... ( Italy - South America service ) at Singapore and became HMS MALVERNIAN Blythswood Shipbuilding Co., renamed! The 1960 's caused a decline in trade and passenger operations were discontinued 1969. For 20-2nd and 793-3rd class pasengers the level of detail included within passenger lists from! Steamer LANARKSHIRE owners in 1927 and in 1863 for the South Pacific service to Tonga and Samoa Guion... - cruising from USA with one annual voyage USA - Italy - for! Service was in collision with the loss of life to Australia - Suez transport run M/v Astoria bu,. Aug.1939 she was used as a Cruise ship and also rigged for sail in Normandy D-Day+2 operations 10/8/1940 from... Cape - Natal coastal service served on France to New Waterway 1928 to 1971 with New.! Honolulu and Vancouver, La Seyne for Eug ; the 1953 built Lloyd Triestino was. Medway 1865 the MEDWAY was built by Kaiser Shipyard, Vancouver, Washington, as a troop transport 1927... Landing ship ( Infantry ) draught was within the limits set in 1906 as were official! John Brown & Co Ltd, ss marine shark passenger list for Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway,!