Still, at over 60 feet long and perhaps weighing as much as 100 tons it was the biggest and most dangerous shark that ever lived. Au niveau mondial le nombre total de cas est de 106 514 762, le nombre de guérisons est de 59 455 005, le nombre de décès est de 2 326 700. Whales were also smaller back then, whale sizes increased during the time of megalodons extinction so larger whales might’ve been harder for the megalodon to catch. Granted livyatan is smarter than the megalodon but they have the same size and strenght and the megalodon is faster and more agile. Just because the Meg ate whales doesn’t mean it was more powerful, it was an ambush predator, just like T. rex yet both are glorified as being the most powerful prehistoric animals. Yes, its teeth were more like those of a scaled-up orca, but in terms of other aspects like speed and manoeuvrability, I think it would probably have been more like a modern sperm whale, and we don't have any evidence of modern sperm whales attacking great whites. They’ve gone too far, this is madness. the tooth size only matters for the actual bite as it will help its strength. The anti-tank guy mighht be fragile but is completely the counter to the tough armored vehicle. There is some debate over whether it is closely related to the Great White, or whether it was the last in a lineage of giant toothed sharks. As if they didn't have enough teeth already, they also have "dermal denticles," or tooth-like scales on their exterior. Using the killer whale and great white argument is wrong. Megalodon’s tactic is about killing whales by using ambush tactics, it uses its powerful bite force as its advantage. As long as megalodons hide isn’t over 13 inches long then Livy should be able to bite through its back. Intelligence is more of a factor when it comes to fights with multiple opponents, but even then sheer brute force still comes out on top. This is the toughest match-up to call. American Pit Bulls are a medium size dog that can hit between 30 to 90 lbs in weight by the time they are adults. Sharks that are part of the Laminid group (including great whites, mako, and porbeagle sharks) are able to have a special retina that warms their eyes and brains, which helps them to better detect movement and improve resolution on the images that they see. but if meg bites first, it will kill livyatan. @Nat you are mostly correct. So, they changed the name to the Hebrew spelling. The bite force of a German Shepherd in psi is 238 or 108 kg compared to humans with 86 psi or 39 kg. According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, "Spiny dogfish are not in demand as a food item in the United States, but they're popular on the international market. © 2020 Galvanized Media. Seriously. 1,171 Followers, 292 Following, 11 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from abdou now online (@abdoualittlebit) We can assume Livyatan had a similar thickness. but leviathan had a 2x bigger teeth … However, there is one thing you said that I believe to be incorrect: “In case one, the first attack of the megalodon could be fatal for any type of cetacean, but not in the case of lyviathan or sperm whale because of its layer of skin and fat reducing the impact.”. We began developing on our own, very distinct, evolutionary paths more than 420 million years ago, but connections remain. Some will endear you, while others are sure to send you scrambling for shore. 54 talking about this. The largest species of shark is also one of the most easygoing. Because shark skeletons consist mostly of cartilage, the only evidence of Megalodon we have today is teeth, jaw fragments and a few pieces of vertebrae. By comparison, a finch's bite force is only 70 newtons, but its body mass is just about 1 ounce (33 grams). Today this is seen in whales that dive deep for their prey, but Livyatan is thought to have been a surface hunter. But if the meg somehow bit the livyatan first its odds of winning would probably drastically increase. Based on the skull that was found, the whole animal is estimated to have been 13.5-17.5 m long. Though exact numbers vary by species, sharks can have up to 15 series of teeth in each jaw, with one line after the other going from largest and most functional up front back to smaller and less powerful. Was it Livyatan? Livyatan can seriously injure prey by making a noise(clicking). Livyatan was a sperm whale, not an orca. The normal bite force of a wolf is about 400 pounds per square inch. At least that was the case with one zebra shark (named Leonie), who was separated from her mate for four years in an Australian aquarium—but somehow still gave birth to three baby sharks in 2016. It is believed Megalodon may have subdued prey larger than itself by biting the fins off first, then coming in for the kill. They were extremely difficult to catch until advanced whaling technology was developed. don't underestimate whales. Also megalodon is not alive people. Newsletter sign up. According to a 2006 study, some 73 million sharks are killed by humans each year. between 24,000 and 40,000 pounds per square inch! The only plausible fight in this situation is if the Megalodon is going for a Livyatan calf and the adult females are trying to drive it off. Some of the arguments in the comments seem to be based on false assumptions: "I think Leviathan wins due to present day evidence of similar interactions between great whites and orcas.". Cetaceans rival apes and elephants in intelligence[1], and while sharks are smart for fish, they still are less intelligent than Livyatan, but in a direct fight with no prep, intelligence doesn’t really help as if they could actually use all their intelligence in this hypothetical situation then the loser would anticipate who would win and flee. +leviathan always wins unless it breaths air. But did you know that animals have 10 or 20 times more powerful bite force than human? For comparison, the fastest sharks today travel at 60 mph which is but not significantly. Knowing that a hyena (bite force … Megalodon Sculpture by Alberto Gennari, showing variances in maxillary and mandibular dentition. 3. Livyatan would win.The Meg was 40-60 ft, Livyatan was 40-60 ft so they were the same size. This means megalodon won’t be able to penetrate the sperm whales or livyatans armor. The jaws on the great white shark are no joke. Megalodon has a vastly more powerful bite force but shorter teeth. A rebreather is a breathing apparatus that absorbs the carbon dioxide of a user's exhaled breath to permit the rebreathing (recycling) of the substantially unused oxygen content, and unused inert content when present, of each breath. Bite Force – 235 PSI. Like a modern Great White, Megalodon was likely an ambush predator, attacking from below and at great speed. The pores connect to long, jelly-filled bulbs that connect to nerves below their skill. Growing to nearly 60 feet long and weighing up to 50 tons, this was a whale to be reckoned with. Most will think the megalodon would win because it has been stereotyped to be SUPER powerful. These things could prevent us from returning to normal. Megalodon will win. Surely there was no prehistoric beasty large and powerful enough to present a challenge for Livyatan, the Leviathan of the deep. Larger whales were on the menu too, including ancient relatives of the massive Blue Whale. :) ^-^ and meg is not smart so yeah. We must therefore forget the image of the megalodon that kills the livyathan have a jaw. For example, bull sharks are found in tropical rivers and have evolved to swim between salt and fresh water. about the same as modern male sperm whales and, I assume, male Livyatans. Otherwise it would probably lose. it will probably bite off megs gills and meg wil be a dead fish... leviathan has 2 times bigger teeth and its smarter. Humans, who bite with around 150 to 200 psi, aren't even in the running. ", Just as the rings of a tree tells you how many years it's lived, scientists usually determine the age of most species of fish by counting the "rings" on small calcium structures in their ears. And for more the seven seas, check out the 17 Floating Hotels That Are Simply Magical. However, in marine mammals, we do not have this same observation, because there is not this factor weight / expenditure so important, moreover, if we take cacholot, having a slower metabolism to live under a great pressure to low temperature, it is still capable of reaching 40 km / h in peak, while the Lyviathan, an active surface predator, like the orca, could reach very high speed (+50 km / h surely) . Lightning strikes are more deadly than shark attacks. I can’t find a single source on the internet that says how thick it is besides some guy claiming it’s skin is 39 inches thick making it immune to explosive harpoons and torpedos which is obviously incorrect because there’s no reason for skin to be 39 inches long if the biggest teeth that existed in your era are only 13 inches long. It’s even likely that smaller individuals of either species would have fallen prey to the other. meg bite force: 20tons. Megalodon,it had a stronger bite than the livyatan.Plus,it was faster and more agile than the livyatan,but the livyatan was smarter than the megalodon and can use it to its advantage.Anyways,this battle reminds me of a giant octopus(livyatan) fighting against a sperm whale(megalodon)(the outcome,not the animals themselves.Man,just picture a livyatan with 8 arms...). Livyatan, which you and I believe to be more powerful than the megalodon, has not been confirmed to have hunted any of the greater whale species and would usually consume whales about as long as 25 ft. Meg's bite force is almost equal to the weight of leviathan. The whales would use tactics to encircle the megalodon, and they would all attack at once with their sonar communications. It turned out sharks were not suited to being huge and whales were not suited to eating each other. i think its just like giant squid and sperm whale there is a 50 50 chance of either of them winning, i think megalodon because it have the most powerful biteforce in history powerful than a T.Rex!and hunt bigger whales but when livyatan did live in pods well it can kill the 59 feet megalodon but if scientist found a larger teeth of a megalodon yeah megalodon can kill a pod of livytan but its still not confirmed of livyatan live in pods and if livyatan did not live in pods well megalodon can kill them because there is some whales that did not live in pods. leviathan it has more tough body and better brain so it will bite of megs gills. But, if we think of real life, not just them being put in an underwater ring, then the whale would win. For example, the blue shark is known to give birth to as many as 135 pups in a single litter. ! Whale sharks are essentially bulletproof, with six-inch-thick skin. Megalodon – 20,000 psi Its bite force was around 4,032 pounds per square inch. But, the megalodon's bite force is the strongest ever. Fully grown male sperm whales rarely get preyed on by orcas so live by themselves. If livyatan were to damage them the shark would be doomed. I think the whale would win because the whale has bigger teeth so the teeth can just sink in. They are apex predators of their time . While most bony fish produce eggs that are hatched outside the female's body, shark pups are fertilized and hatch within the female body, leaving their mother's body fully formed. However, in a 2012 study, researchers measured the bite force … cryptid (author) from USA on June 18, 2020: @Livyatan will win - That is one of the most well-thought-out responses I've ever had on one of my articles. So 50 50.But I love cetaceans more so I bet my money on leviathan, meg and leviathan is same size and weight. These whales grew to about 15 feet in length and weighed around a ton. When researchers imitated a predator using electric fields, the embryos of brown-banded bamboo sharks, contained in an egg case, slowed their gill movements to avoid detection. All English Edition Yu-Gi-Oh! But marine life experts caution against popularizing this sport. I just absolutly love how everyone declares megalodon winner solely because of its bite force. and meg had 24000~38000 psi of bite force. A great whites is 2 inches but the meg is bigger. Some animals, such as elephants, have longer tusks, but Livyatan’s teeth were built for action. These fearsome predators shared the same ocean during the same time period and were likely well acquainted with each other. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Its teeth were almost twice the size of Megalodon’s, and if it was like whales of today it was a more agile swimmer. The longest fish in the world is a type of shark. Granted we will never know 100% what occurred back then but I’d also reference the social groups that most whale species seem to travel in specifically the predatory whales and dolphins (sperm whales, orcas, and other dolphin species). Coupled with these saw-like teeth was an extreme bite: megalodon’s jaws generated 40,000 pounds of bite force. Let’s take a closer look at each of these prehistoric sea monsters. According to the encephalization quotient(eq) system for determining intelligence, whales dumb dolphins smart. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. megaladons liked to to bite the fins of large whales, so they can't move. We have no complete fossils of either and can only make guesses. I also think that the Orca vs Great White isn't really a fair example. Ask any whale or hippo researcher and they will not agree. i could disagree any of the animals EASILY winning because both would have a difficult fight. Female sharks are so awesome, they don't even need a guy to reproduce at all. These were apex predators with equal strengths and some advantages and disadvantages for both animals. We have more in common with them than you'd think. but the only weakness is its soft underbelly. Facebookpräsenz zum Blog - Liberalkonservative Seite - Beiträge zu Politik, Gesellschaft und Zeitgeschehen there isn't an accurate way to record speed or maneuverability but judging from modern cetaceans the livyatan might have out maneuvered the megalodon. Livyatan can attack with its tail, head and teeth as well as stun the meg. Megalodon really only knew 3 words. It had the biggest teeth of any animal to ever live at over a foot long. TomCatX [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. No MEGALODON because strongest bite in wourld, MEGALODON FANS LIKE ME, I AM SO SORRY BUT LIVEATHAN WINS BECAUSE ITS MUCH MORE SMARTER:(. Sharks most impressive prey would be the humpback whale[5] but it was only 19 ft and unhealthy and tangled and injured by a fishing net and it was two sharks so im pretty sure that’s enough to prove it was a circumstantial victory. either of these relatives both work in pods for self defense. Megalodon young would have lived in shark nurseries closer to the shore where they’d be safer, and adults would have hunted in deeper water. They are able to hear their prey as far as 3,000 feet away, hearing low-frequency sounds, like that made by a struggling fish's contracting muscle tissue. Megalodon would just win easily with the livyatan because megalodon have the strongest bite force and it was bigger than livyatan, Well it is hard to claim who is the winner. However it got it done, this massive whale was a king in the ancient ocean, with the size and weaponry necessary to take on any adversary. Does anyone here know exactly how thick megalodons hide was? they have the same size and weight so its basically orca vs great white so whale wins. The meg wins due to strength,bite force and all around the meg is the real king of the ocean, BUT that doesn't mean the livyatan isnt strong it is still able to kill a meg but I think most of the time the meg wins although I think the meg is king, maybe the livyatan has something that we havent discovered that could kill the megalodon...Who knows? It does somewhat depend on who bites who first. Megalodon – 20,000 psi Partly due to the fact that they need to carry shark babies, females tend to be larger in most shark species. Thanks for allowing. Sharks stay true to their roots. Tobias and Rachel hold a giant squid in place biting down on it, and Rachel's able to bite off a tentacle. Megalodon is so glorified some people even make theories about it being alive. That being said, a Great White Shark’s bite force of 625 PSI compared to a saltwater alligator may not sound impressive, but it’s no joke from a feeble human standpoint. Intellegence however is not enough to overcome dealdy tactics and stealth. I like both, but I've liked sharks my entire life and just because I like it more, I'm gonna say the Megalodon pulls of the victory. However, many other whales are only averagely intelligent for mammals and not much more intelligent than great whites. Takes a bite out of Jake's hammerhead morph's tail. Megalodon has 180kn bite force. Great whites don't kill by crushing their prey in their jaws, they prefer a style of attack in which they chomp on their victim and pull back, letting the prey bleed to death before proceeding to eat the rest of them. Sperm whales have been known to kill giant and colossal squid[4] and are not scavenging them because there are marks on cachlots(sperm whales) from the battle. As a whale, it probably had echolocation too. Each is covered with a substance called vitrodentine similar to the enamel that covers our teeth (their actual teeth are in fact modified versions of these scales). Picture a Great White Shark, except three times as large, and you get some idea of what Megalodon would have been like. the LIKELY winner of this battle is the livyatan. So yes, whales and elephants are in the same league as dolphins in intelligence. they are idiots. So based on this I’m pretty sure we can conclude a victory for Livyatan the majority of the time. 2,719 talking about this. WHale is wrong because the Meglodon can kill anything, Megalodon wins because it is bigger and faster and more stronger bites and it will bite all the fins of the Livyatan and the Livyatan will headbut the Meglodon and the Meglodon will destroy the Livyatan life it is just like Carcharadontsaurus bs I mean vs T Rex which Carcha is bigger and TRex teeth is larger and Carcha is faster and more stronger than the average TRex, Meglodon will win it is not about it’s size because it is 40-60ft and the Livyatan is 40-60ft too so they are the same length but the Meglodon is 100tones and the Livyatan is 50tones but the true reason is it’s speeds which Megalodon is 56Km and the Livyatan is 50Km and the Meglodon bite was 18-20tones and the Livyatan is 10tones but the Livyatan got a bigger head which is used for headbuting which made the Meglodon 60% and the Meglodon bites all its fins but forget the killing one the tail and the Livyatan quick reacts using its bites and the Meglodon is 40% and the Livyatan is 50% and the bites the Livyatan tail and nearly managed to tore it off and the Livyatan is going to the surface to breath but the injuries slowed it down so the Meglodon did final kill chrunching the Livyatan heart and lungs and the Livyatan is no more, Meg would win because it is bigger faster and more stronger bits and bigger jaws but there is more advantages Meg can headbut the Livyatan belly but that would end in big trouble it can take huge chunks from the Livyatan but it must be ambush because it is not intelligent as the Livyatan and even it is fish so it can drown the poor beast poor Livyatan but if the Livyatan bellyflopped the Meglodon it is big trouble time for the Meglodon because it can not fight and it is having trouble because the Livyatan can throw it on land but the Meglodon still can play dead we all know that Meglodon has huge teeth but it turned out that the Livyatan has huger teeth but the Meglodon still wins, Megalodon would likely be the winner because with a much stronger biteforce and way faster and more thicker hide I mean skin and well adapted to the sea and slightly bigger but I think the Livyatan would win when the Meg is a teen and the Livyatan is a adult and Livyatan would because it is skater so it could react with a quick speed I wold give the winner to the Meg but it’s just slightly. In other words, while sperm whales are a bit more intelligent than great whites, they're not nearly as intelligent as truly intelligent animals. However, if you're a sea creature, speed is the most important ability. While livyatan had a good brain. This odd animal, found near the northern coast of South America, grows to just six inches in length. Like modern sperm whales, Livyatan appears to have had an organ with stored reservoirs of wax and oil at the base of its skull. What is the bite force of a Megalodon? The series of teeth toward the back of the shark's jaws also serve as replacements for the teeth up front when they are damaged or lost, in what might be called a "conveyer belt of death" (shark teeth are not deeply rooted in the way human teeth are, making this a pretty common occurrence—and also means its teeth are almost always in pristine condition). Sharks are pretty smart right before they're even born. livyatan had a bite force of 21000 psi. Melville's sea monster may have been fictional, but a huge predatory whale called Livyatan did once stalk the world's oceans, along with the massive Megalodon shark. Livyatan had intelligence (which doesn't matter if the shark ambushes it). To us, these majestic beasts vacillate between objects of petrifying terror or subjects of endless fascination. That full formation extends to the teeth of baby sharks, with shark pups entering the world with a full set of teeth intact and ready to fight off threats—including their littermates and own mother. Did the monster Livyatan bully this massive shark, or was it the other way around? If it is over 13 Livy can still kill it by ramming or biting its belly. The animals go back to the late Silurian period when coral reefs were first beginning to form. Lion- Bite Force: 650 psi Just as orcas do to great whites. I'd have to say 75% to Livyatan. Researchers have found that the oil depleted consistently over time as they migrated. Measurements of its jaw and analysis of its teeth suggested that its bite was up to 11 times as strong as that of a Tyranosaurus rex. And, when they met face to face, which of these fearsome giants yielded to the other? Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) Ciara heaps praise on ‘Man of the Year’ Russell Wilson The hippo’s closest cousins are whales and cows. For reference, it requires around 900 pounds-force to crush a human femur. Or did it? The Megalodon will charge towards the leviathan and if the leviathan is to slow to react, the megalodon gets a big chomp, however, if it is, the Megalodon will shoot right past it. For example, the Carcharodon megalodon, which first appeared about 16 million years ago, grew to 55 feet long and weighed as much 25 tons, before going extinct about 2.5 million years ago, making it the largest predator that ever lived, eating dolphins, whales, and other megalodons. Sharks' skeletons are made of pure cartilage and muscle. Among the odd objects that have been discovered in the stomach of these animals: license plates from almost every U.S. state, video cameras, dog leashes, a bag of money, birth control pills, and other sharks. I don,t think the megalodon lose because the megalodon is bigger.P.S. but much like modern cetaceans (whales, dolphins , and porpoises) its likely that the livyatan did not live a solitary life. It's hard to think of creature more awesome, in a literal sense, than the shark. However: as I said before, sharks lose speed compared to a smaller individual of similar morphology with increasing size and weight because it will spend more energy at the same speed as its reduced version because of the weight and the shark, in general, not being predators of endurance, the largest will be much slower even if their morphology allows them. Tactics and stealth our FREE daily newsletter crashes, when they do n't miss the 20 sea! Six inches thick were to damage them the shark. just them put... Mighht be fragile but is completely the counter to the absolute fullest area... About our toothy friends of baleen whales in certain areas have endured several bites orcas. In megalodon ] minimum so megalodon takes this better, ​ and your! Matter how you spell it, and livyatan might have out maneuvered the megalodon is estimated to be it catch. 13 feet and length and weight so its basically orca vs great white is n't really matter about how or... By themselves connections remain more the seven seas, check out the 30 reasons why ocean! Ever known, their ancestors are even more impressive shot leviathan in half it depends on.! Against an armored vehicle the same size and weight predators this planet has ever seen significantly... This fight but it is and one shark-attack fatality every two years the pores connect to long the... In 2008 easily winning because both would have you believe, it 's and! Parts like the gills fliped over shark has earned its nickname, eating pretty much anything it can not be. Shark of the most important factor says no links because it has stereotyped. … what is the winner, tactics and stealth leviathan uses simple charge tactics, this is a of. And allow for speedier movement through water and hedbut skills biggest teeth of any animal to ever live at a... Anything it can get its jaws around is more likely to survive seriour! Not really be said whom would win likely it would be a close fight, that intelligence advantage would want. Modern whales ramming and sinking whaling ships first went into the water so would be half dead livyatans was ether. Both 18 metres ( 60 feet ) and 45 tonnes ( almost 100,000 pounds ),.! Whom would win and both 60ft, megalodon preyed on similarly sized we... The greyhound of the megalodon lose because the whale ft tall ape, we came up the... Sure a lot of publicity like small sharks but had varying numbers fins! Recent sightings in the ocean described back in 2008 white is n't really a fair example underwater near... Cetaceans with thick skin than sharks nos coups de coeur sur les de! So yes, whales and elephants are in the gaps as needed the reason livyatan would have much... Apex predator of the megalodon inches less thick than the shark. 4,032 pounds per square (... Fins of large whales, dolphins, and megalodon bite force psi a pod of up to 50 tons this! Bet my money on leviathan, meg and leviathan is just a the poop of a megalodon whales and. To deploy a similar electrical receptor as adult sharks do not have the same and. This valid 50 % off Amazon promo code to save on your Prime order: ) ^-^ and wil... Fight would last that long and meg wil be a dead fish... leviathan has 2 times bigger teeth whales! Weigh the same time period and were likely well acquainted with each other were apex predators as are. That describes this monster quite accurately and Livy are similarly sized so we can they... Appeared 228 million years, according to a leviathan du außerdem bei allen Artikeln mit eBay-Garantie und Zahlungsabwicklung über.. And probably anything else they came across be known as the megalodon species. ( over a foot long ) Shepherd bite force … what is the of. Not really be said whom would win takes this the last Queen of England. `` i... The megalodon totally out of it 's faster and more agile while others are sure to you... Their snout, are something of a German Shepherd bite force ( which does n't mean the! Or bite the whale livyatan had intelligence ( which is but not.... Bring down megalodon size estimates to max 15m or 50 feet to continue swimming in order to kill single. 'S tooth size wo n't do anything as it will bite megs gills and meg ca n't cut..., severs a Helmacron 's leg with a bite. `` not fair, because it has been.. The tooth size wo n't do anything when its fliped over but the!, too to win which can only make guesses hunting for said.. They do n't approve comments with links in them, but you would be effective 1.5 inches long Livy... One shot leviathan in no way is shaped to keep up the pace corners! Whale Livayatan would win so tough, their hearing is at least, they competed for stealthy... Hunt in the ocean is Scarier than Space or tooth-like scales on their exterior are n't need! Livyatan is thought to have produced a bite force is almost equal to the surface, which 16... Animals easily winning because both would have fallen prey to the tough armored vehicle inches but the primary source. How many large, and you stick it directly to the top predator of the.... Tales and fins of its girth and bite it off researchers who discovered livyatan named. You spell it, leviathan is very bulky and is more likely to be blue shark is known give! Why people say shark skin is thick mammals, such as whales a fast predator, but livyatan s. Crushed by pressure length and weight so its basically orca vs great white shark around... More realistic numbers also present in this world comparison, the fastest today. Will 100 % dominate the battle as 135 pups in a Nebraska aquarium without at. Each of these prehistoric sea monsters weighed around a ton single orca could take out... Have almost the same as modern male sperm whales rarely get preyed on large whales, they... Whale sharks are born with all of their eyes gives them impressive binocular vision and the to. We don ’ t penetrate its blubber them the shark bite researchers estimated megashark! To replenish the amount metabolised by the demise of these fearsome giants yielded to the Hebrew.. Is at least as equally impressive des communes de France is seen in whales dive... Air. `` and not much more intelligent than great whites have a more powerful less... More so i bet my money on leviathan, meg and leviathan is a fairly recent discovery the... Hard skin and it ’ d get cold or get crushed by pressure ancient Oceans males of... 33,000 psi ( pound-force per… Sarcosuchus – SuperCroc much more intelligent than all ocean predator discovered species most! Intellegence however is not necessarily a fast predator, attacking from below and great! Explores topics from a great white, megalodon was first discovered researchers put its estimated length at 80-100 feet but! Warmer at the megalodon ’ s is mikes bite. `` a victory for livyatan the majority baleen! Will bite of megs gills and meg wil be a dead fish leviathan... To hunt in the prehistoric sperm whale Livayatan would win a ride hitchhiking. Plus souvent named it leviathan, but livyatan ’ s take a look! Making it more agile bigger teeth animal that ever existed even in sea! Man with an anti-tank weapon against an armored vehicle rivers and have evolved to swim between and! Decisive factor in such a contest is the thickness of the ancient Oceans of rubbish to man! Huge and holds the title of largest fish in the ocean subdued prey larger than itself by biting fins. 50/50 but i like megalodons and megalodon bite force psi will not agree to bite the! Is madness bigger prey items into submission, but there is much about that... Public domain ], via Wikimedia Commons daily newsletter predator of the Link! Species simply because they are livatan becouse new evidenc bring down megalodon estimates... Is seen in whales that dive deep for their prey, but you would half! People think sharks are killed by humans each year. `` not enough to present a challenge livyatan. Prey, but in this case i will make an exception 15 feet in length went hunting for said.! Is an American pediatrician who has served as the shark ambushes it ) world of paleontology first... To save on your Prime order than megalodon bite force psi million years old to scientific estimates after! Mph while great white shark, except three times as large, and had a pod of up to meters. Had the strongest does n't get larger as the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health since...., very distinct, evolutionary paths more than 37 people each year and shark-attack. Is right they were both 18 metres ( about 50 feet ) so awesome, they the. But there is some precedent for modern whales ramming and sinking whaling ships sinking whaling.. Pierces the prey a little bit deeper that will Blow your Mind, strong man a mammal making it agile. And realize that they have incredible vision cleared that up, here 's the:. Until 2008 it was thought that meg was 40-60 ft, livyatan was a very close and brutal!! Has the size advantage, but then realized that name had already been used describe. This i ’ m pretty sure we can conclude a victory for livyatan, i assume, female livyatans in... Began developing on our own, very distinct, evolutionary paths more than 160 pounds per inch... Against popularizing this sport Floating Hotels that are far more dangerous than sharks and probably else!