or Nvidia's control pannel detects it; I returned it and got a new cable but its the same issue again. That's rather odd - my refurbished GTX 550Ti also has dual DVI ports (in addition to mini-HDMI) and I can drive displays from both DVI ports at once (or either DVI-port and d-Sub). So what changed? DisplayPort output works with another monitor. There are more then a few threads on the geforce forums and elsewhere about people not being able to get displayport to work correctly on the 980/970 series. Hello, I have a BenQ XL2420G and a GTX 980 as a part of my gaming rig, but I have a problem. Like the GeForce GTX Titan X and 980, 980 Ti includes one dual-link DVI port, one HDMI 2.0-capable connector and three full-sized DisplayPort interfaces. The reason is simple, its a DEDICATED video card. I have a known working DVI-To-DisplayPort adapter (Tested on other PC GPU) that does not work on this card. I have now tried two different EVGA GTX 970 boards (an ACX2 SSC with 4xDP and an ACX2 SC with 1xDP) in a new build. as a secondary monitor, the issue is, not the T.V. The video card is not "dedicated" but integrated into the Intel 630 onboard video. Please run the latest GPU Tweak and update to it. The HDMI-To-DisplayPort adapter also does not … Install the latest Nvidia driver for your card, reboot. I have however been able to connect via HDMI using the monitors Classic mode. After a lot of troubleshooting and different solutions reported at attempted myself, I … Applicable Graphics Cards NVIDIA TITAN Series: TITAN X (Maxwell), TITAN X (Pascal), TITAN XP. I have flash my 4.1 MacPro to5.1 and install High Sierra. Joined Dec 24, 2012 Messages 16 Motherboard Gigabyte Z390 I Aorus Pro WIFI CPU i5-9600K Graphics RX 580 Mac. Graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super. With a second primary card installed, and with this card also in the system Windows does list the 980 ti in device manager, and the Nvidia driver correctly installs and recognises the card. and i have tried to use only one monitor with display, and it wont work. Hello I have a GTX 1070 AMP Extreme and used it with two monitors for a while. ... DisplayPort 1.2 and Dual-link DVI; Microsoft DirectX 12 (feature level 12_1) ... NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 NVIDIA Computer Graphics & Video Cards, #32. This is my setup, GTX 980 SC ASUS PB278 on displayport ASUS VG236 on DVI to HDMI adapter And the problems If I leave my PC afk for a long time and the monitor shutdown I have video corruption (hard to explain but the image is fuzzy) on the monitor connected to displayport and not on the one connected to DVI. NVIDIA GTX 760 DisplayPort not working Thread starter wetwater; Start date Oct 18, 2020; Tags displayport gtx 760 wetwater. kamikaze22 I'm seeing the same thing with a GTX 670 … Thread: Sound though HDMI/Displayport not working - nVidia audio. I'm 100% sure I'm not connecting dual-dvi to dvi, yes. 7. (4th monitor) AOC e2250Swd (3) GTX 980 SC's Bios Vers. It works perfectly fine on HDMI but I get no signal using DP. My monitor has a DisplayPort, but reading on the internet everyone is having issues with DisplayPort on GTX 970 and GTX 980, so I'm kind of afraid it won't help. RE: Dell T7910 installed GTX 980 - not working I've used GTX Titan and GTX Titan X (new gen card like your GTX 980) cards in T7910's and they work great. I just installed a 980 Ti and I can't get my monitor to be detected using the displayport connection. Well I can't remember what 352.xx release I had but I'm running 355.11 now - so if it was fixed it's broken again now. 84.04.1F.00.80. Evga geforce gtx 980 ti - not working. By Femb0t January 31, 2019 in Graphics Cards. With any driver newer than 344.16, the monitors will not detect a connection after going into sleep mode or being physically powered off. GTX 960 DisplayPort not working? RTX 2080 Displayport not working RTX 2080 Displayport not working. In the Display Preference Pane in OS X I switched the refresh rate from 60Hz to 144Hz. This must be some sort of incompatibility with GTX 1080 or the displayport on the LG is broken from the time I remove the GTX 980's to the time I installed the GTX 1080's (3 months gap). Not only is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti perfect for anyone trying to harness the power of Nvidia Turing for their budget PC but it has 2 x DisplayPort 1. I'm wondering if there's something I have to enable to get this to work. The previous driver did not cause entries like this--it only has one set of these entries at initialization. Mine also worked perfectly with GTX 980's. Here’s an odd thing. I have a spare DisplayPort to DVI adapter, and when I use that one instead on one of the displays that doesn’t work, it starts working properly. A picture of the rear I/O shield of a GeForce GTX 980 graphics card reveals that the card features no less than five display connectors, a staggering three DisplayPorts, and one each of HDMI 2.0 and dual-link DVI (with analog/VGA pins for compatibility with D-Sub only monitors). I'm having DisplayPort issues on my EVA GTX 980 Superclocked (ACX 2.0 version) connected to two Asus PB278Q monitors. Problem: GTX 980 output 2 settings shows me 10bpc at 60Hz, 3860x2160-native , full space .... NEC 1 also shows me 60Hz .... this is what i expected Now i want to install a GTX980ti. Now launch DDU, reboot in safe mode and clean every NVIDIA driver, reboot. I have install the right Webdriver from Nvidia. So now: I was able to get the DisplayPort working again on the GTX 1060 with a DisplayPort to HDMI cable (DisplayPort on the graphics card and the HDMI end connected to the monitor). Just reporting that there is no issue running any games on this Nitro 5 and the GTX 1050 works fine. ... Ryzen 5 1600, Noctua NH-L12S, Gigabyte GTX 1060 6G, ASUS Prime ... RTX card not working you say? I've been dealing with this problem for the past week all the time, monitor loses signal over DP at the windows login screen. But no Monitor is Working. I have make the Power Mod for more Power for the GTX. i need help, i noticed after update nvidia hd sound i got this problem, but if i reinstall the windows the problem continue --` Mobile Phone. the card is also fairly new, its probobly 9 months old, however its bearly been used. All is working. it seems as the display ports and hdmi port dosnt work for some reason. Go to windows update and check the latest updates installed, if WU has already installed the Nvidia driver you need to do everything again from the beginning... 6. Re: GTX 980 G1 Not Working Displayport « Reply #1 on: May 11, 2015, 04:39:56 am » Anyone? Figure it was overlooked in the drivers. Nvidia strikes again Rma that thing asap Link to post Share on other sites. 2.) Recently I bought a third monitor and 3 DisplayPort x HDMI cables for a new setup. In its place, NVIDIA is promoting DisplayPort. They found the Card as a NVidia Chip Model 256MB. Classic Mac. 5. As of late whenever I try to use G-Sync, simply by connecting via DisplayPort there is no signal input to the monitor. Release Highlights : Fixed a regression that prevented DPMS from working correctly on some DisplayPort displays. It will work in non-surround but is grayed out once I setup surround. It worked for a while but today, after I resumed my computer from sleep, one of the monitors stopped working (it says "no signal"). Nvidia GeForce GTX 980ti: The GTX 980 Ti is the undisputed top-end gaming champion and will play all current ... the GTX 980 Ti has three DisplayPort 1.2 … Details about EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Hybrid - Not Working / Does Not POST. Tried a DisplayPort > DVI-D adapter. The display went black and I can’t get it to come back. I am on the 350.12 nvidia Driver. for NLE working PPro CC 2017 is use 2x NEC Spectraview (serie 2) - connected to Nvidia GTX 980 via displayport 1.4 and/or HDMI 2.0. We then tried the setup on our older gaming laptop (Acer Nitro 5 - Intel i5, GTX1050) and it worked perfectly. I think it’s in how the driver recognizes the display. I also have this same issue. Hello guys, I just got a DP to HDMI adapter for my GTX960 to be able to use my T.V. C $67.70 3 bids ... NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti: Power Cable Requirement: 6-Pin + 2-Pin PCI-E: Connectors: DVI-I, DisplayPort Output, HDMI: Compatible Slot: PCI Express 3.0 x16: Chipset Manufacturer: NVIDIA: APIs: DirectX 12: Memory Type: GDDR5: Additional Product Features: My 2015 U3014 Ultrasharp (warranty expired on May 20, 2018) will not run on GeForce GTX 1650 DisplayPort but works with HDMI. Be the first to write a review. To enable the latest DisplayPort 1.3 / 1.4 features, Maxwell and desktop Pascal graphics cards may require a firmware update. If the GTX 970 Strix has the same issue, that's one rather large minus. A new vBIOS was released yesterday for the Strix GTX 980 to improve compatibility with some 4K monitors. I did apply the 1.0 Firmware to my 980 GTX but no DisplayPort connections work. GeForce 10 Series: GeForce GT 1030, GeForce GTX 1050, GTX 1050Ti, GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1070Ti, GTX 1080, GTX 1080Ti I think I need DisplayPort to get greater than 8-bit color depth and larger color space for which I bought the monitor. Condition is "For parts or not working". yes i have tried several hdmi and display cables, i bougth a brand new samsung monitor 4 days ago, it came with a display cord, that wont work either. I've ordered a DP-to-DP cable from amazon and tomorrow I should be able to test it. Tried all 3 display ports, even tried the HDMI port even though it does not show to use in the Nvidia Surround online Config tool. GTX 970/980 displayport issues, still no fix in sight? New GTX 1070 Display ports not working ... DisplayPort 1.4 that the 1070 uses only came out in March , I would assume it can use lower versions but you would need to ask on Nvidia or the GByte Forums. Just wanted to get some feedback from 980/970 owners who are using displayport, be it successful or not.

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