Cadet Robert Joseph DeMeuse, son of Ann and Robert DeMeuse of Sturgeon Bay, completed Cadet Basic Training (CBT) at the U.S. Military Academy. Cadet Basic Training Cadets’ four years at West Point Academy will begin with a 6-week program that will transition cadets from a civilian lifestyle into a military one. The days mark the beginning of a Cadet Basic Training and the first day of their transition from civilian to new cadet as a member of the Class of 2024. WEST POINT -- Summer training for West Point cadets wrapped up Friday as they took on water challenges and big guns. Reception Day will be staggered to accommodate public health guidelines and incorporate … It’s a rite of passage where at the end of training, you finally enter the Corps of Cadets as a Fourth Class Cadet. Highland Falls resident Abigail Gash was one of the cadets beginning her four-year journey at West Point. WEST POINT, N.Y. – The U.S. Military Academy will welcome more than 1,220 candidates from every state in the nation over three days from 12-14 July. Share on Twitter; Share on Facebook; Share on Reddit Cadet Field Training (CFT) is a 4-week event conducted at West Point during their Cadet Summer Training (CST) Cycle. WEST POINT, N.Y. – Four of the cadet candidates who arrived on campus at the United States Military Academy on Sunday to begin cadet basic training … It's an intense 7 weeks summer training that teaches you the fudamental drills, military lifestyle, proper procedures to become highly … Field training is scheduled during the summer months at West Point and military installations in the U.S. and around the world. CBT is a complex, demanding progression of sequenced training requirements and events, which form the foundation for all future instruction at the United States Military Academy. It trains, instructs, inspires, and transitions New Cadets from civilians to cadets and begins to inculcate the fundamental military skills and values necessary to … DeMeuse entered West Point on July 3 and has successfully completed six weeks of CBT. Hundreds of cadet candidates began their training at West Point Monday. The purpose of CFT is to integrate ROTC Cadets into the West Point Corps of Cadets during CST, where they will train on Individual and collective small … Cadet Basic Training at West Point. By West Point Directorate of Public Affairs and Communications August 5, 2010. The military academy invited the media for … Cadet Basic Training , also known as Beast Barracks, will challenge cadets … Cadet basic training, also known as "Beast," is a summer training that all students that are appointed to West Point must go through. USMA Class of 2024 new cadets go through Cadet Basic Training. The new testing guidelines were published by the Army in July 2019 and will be fully implemented throughout the Army in October. Cadet Basic Training is a six-week program that includes daily physical fitness training to prepare for long marches, mountaineering, rifle marksmanship, and tactical maneuvers. The 19-year-old took part in Reception Day, where she transitioned from civilian to new cadet. On July 23, Class of … CBT is one of the most challenging events a cadet will encounter over the course of their four years at the academy. Cadet Basic Training “Beast Barracks” is the first summer before you enter West Point.

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