Ivy is the plant favored by Bacchus, god of wine; it was invested with the power of preventing drunkenness. Disclaimer     Privacy policy     Contact. When watering your ivy, always check the soil before adding water. Plus, because ivy is a vine, you can grow it in a hanging basket, let it trail over the sides of a pot, or let ivy climb to become a living curtain. Note too, however, that all parts of this plant are poisonous if you ingest them. What is the right soil for ivy? Unlike some types of ivy, the Russian ivy has thin leaves that are light green and often with wavy edges. All types of English ivy are climbing ivy plants and they can reach up to 100 ft. (30 m) in the right conditions. Who knows why everything that comes from East Asia is always so elegant? ‘Tripod’ English Ivy (Hedera helix ‘Tripod’), 6. English Ivy Plant Care Basics . TheEnglish ivy is fast becoming a popular choice for people who want a plant that is not only good-looking, but one that is also versatile. We're making London greener, and we want you to join us. Raising ivy as a houseplant As a houseplant, ivy will never get out of hand. The plant thrives on beaches, where it holds the dunes together nicely against erosion. Common ivy (Hedera helix) grows best in alkaline soils: in acidic conditions try Persian ivy (Hedera colchica) or Algerian ivy (H. algeriensis). This variety too has dense and covering foliage, and, thanks to its mellow and comforting appearance, it will be perfect if you want that established look in your garden that also brings a sense of security and peace. The leaves the,selves are regularly arranged, at times on arching branches, an unusual habit for ivy, that end in a little cluster of black berries. A variety of Ivy that comes from the Atlantic countries of Europe, Irish Ivy has a simple and heart warming beauty. Frost will cause German ivy to die back, but this shouldn't be a problem if you are growing it as a houseplant. When it comes to watering, don’t keep soil in your pots too moist. Copyright 2021 Gardening Chores, all rights reserved. In the first year after planting your ivy, water it regularly to help establish it. On the whole, the foliage is less thick than English ivy, giving you a more dappled effect when covering ground or surfaces with it. Ivy Artificial Plants : Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside without any upkeep with a silk plant. Because of its attractive foliage, low maintenance requirements and virtual indestructability, the pothos plant is one of the most popular houseplants in temperate regions. The leaves of ‘Anne Marie’ have delicate veins, and their color is usually forest to hunter green in the middle, bit the edges are cream. Poison Ivy leaves (like many plants) are red when they first come out in spring. Boston ivy Parthenocissus tricuspidata ; cape ivy Delairea odorata; coliseum ivy, Kenilworth ivy, Oxford ivy, Cymbalaria muralis devil's ivy Epipremnum aureum; fig ivy (or creeping fig or climbing fig) Ficus pumila ‘Anne Marie’ English Ivy (Hedera helix ‘Anne Marie’), 2. This underappreciated perennial can be found in a variety of colours and leaf shapes, and all are easy to grow. In this article, you will learn about the many different varieties of ivy and how to care for them well. Ivy houseplants can be one of several different types of ivy, here are the most popular choices: However, even if your room isn’t too bright, English ivy still grows well. If it is the shape of the leaf that you want to highlight in your garden, then this is arguably the best variety to have. This is a dramatic-looking ivy variety that looks good growing up walls, trellises, and slopes. Ivy Plant, Hedera helix – How to Care and Grow Indoors … from www.plantopedia.com of ivy you are looking at is the leaf, its shape, color(s) and overall appearance. Jun 5, 2020 - Explore Gary Estell's board "Types of ivy" on Pinterest. Last Updated on September 14, 2020 by Amber Noyes. English ivy plants (Hedera helix) are evergreen perennials. The ivy plant is a favorite indoor plant because it is easy to grow and it is low maintenance. All the more reason, surely, to bring it back to the college campus. In the wild, it’s a vital source of food to birds and insects. All you need is a tiny bit of patience and proper ivy plant care. You would be totally forgiven if, on seeing a wall covered in Boston ivy, you thought it was real ivy, even English ivy. Toxic if ingested. #1. Plant varieties include artificial ivy walls and fake boxwood walls, as well as flower walls of azaleas and cypress/arborvitae types. No watering, no maintenance - ever! ‘Goldchild’ has a softer leaf shape than ‘Needlepoint’ bit still the five pointed outline is very clear and neat, also thanks to the banana yellow edges, a nice but harmonic contrast with the green leaves which start off as light and turn hunter green later on. Ivy houseplants can actually be one of several different varieties. Because the roots of an English Ivy don't grow very deep, you can put the plant into any wide, shallow container you have. Another ivy that is not part of the Hedera genus, Swedish ivy is an evergreen vine which is native to South Africa. The Boston ivy will grow well on the facades of buildings. ), ivy is not fussy about the rest. Ivy can grow into lush and beautiful on the indoors just as it does outside. produce long climbing vines that can quickly cover and attach themselves to surrounding surfaces. Algerian ivy (Hedera algeriensis) Hedera algeriensis or the Algerian ivy grows up to 30 feet. Indoors or outdoors, the trailing stems and glossy foliage of ivy plants create a distinctive profile, whether grown as a houseplant, ground cover, climber or container plant. This plant works well as ground cover in small areas or as a bedding plant, as the vines reach a maximum length of 3 feet and therefore aren’t best suited for use as a climbing plant. If you are looking for a good soil mix for houseplants, have a look at our soil mix guide. Most ivy varieties grow in any kind of soil, don’t tolerate direct sunlight, and grow fairly quickly. English ivy has broad large dark-green leaves that can grow up to 4″ (10 cm) long. If the vines get too long, you can trim them back, and easily root cuttings in water to create new plants. Let the top of the soil dry to the touch between waterings, and fertilize your ivy about once a month in the spring, summer, and fall. In fact, it has dense foliage of a deep green shade, which immediately gives and idea of visiting a temperate forest when pacing along your garden, and may make your guests expect a folly partly hidden by the lush vegetation of this plant…. Any good potting soil will do. As an Amazon associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Generally, ivies have lobed leaves that grow alternately along climbing or trailing vines. About English ivy. The leaves are big, up to about 10 inches in length (25 cm), which give it a very exotic look, and they are more heart shaped than five lobed in most varieties. View our full range of indoor & outdoor plants, pots, accessories & care guides. If a beautifully shaped and colored flat leaf is not enough for your garden, then ‘Ivalance’ English ivy offers you the alternative of wavy leaf edges, which look a bit like they are curling onto themselves. Ivy, any plant of the genus Hedera, with about five species of evergreen woody vines (rarely shrubs), in the ginseng family (Araliaceae). What’s The Difference Between Hardneck Garlic And Softneck Garlic? Paler, pretty straight veins then add a silver green finishing touch to the beauty of the leaves of this English ivy. … One of the most vibrant and energetic varieties of English ivy you can find is ‘English Curl’. Should you go with drought tolerant or flowering? Types of Ivy Plants So, without further ado, here are 15 of the best types of ivy grouped as English ivy, with many varieties, other real ivy varieties and faux ivies you can choose from! Click through the gallery to see some of our favorites—like ivy geranium, petunias, and calibrachoa—and brush up on the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone chart to make sure the blooms will prosper in your area. This makes it an excellent plant for bees and butterflies that look for pollen when most other plants have stopped flowering. Read about other amazing indoor vine plants and climbers. How to Plant Ivy. Most outbound links are affiliate links - we may receive commission. Usually, Japanese ivies are not cultivated for their climbing ability or ground cover but as ornamental features in gardens. Ivy makes good ground cover. Evergreen climber. The single most important factor as far as soil goes, is that you choose well-draining soil.. For best results, soil pH should be between 6 and 8. This type of ivy can be quite invasive, so if you grow it in your garden, you will need to cut it back every spring. Although this is a climber plant, it doesn’t climb as tall as some of the other types of ivies. Its large leaves are greenish-gray with creamy white edges. In fall, though, because it is not evergreen, the leaves will turn yellow and red, giving you a display of color that can set your whole garden on fire (metaphorically speaking, of course)! ‘Ann Ala’ Russian ivy has won the Award of Garden merit of the Royal Horticultural Society. As an indoor houseplant, ivies can provide lush green trailing foliage in any room. This easy-growing species needs full shade or partial sun to thrive in your garden. Its leaves, as the name suggests, are curly at the edges, but the shape may vary a bot, from almost pentagonal to more clearly defined lobes (but never very long). These ivy varieties also grow well in pots if you want an easy-to-care-for plant for indoors. In fact, Japanese ivy is so elegant that it looks like a houseplant. Eastern exposure is ideal for the plant, but it doesn’t mind northern or western exposure either. They are also classified as woody vines. Keep the vine trimmed if … The stems bear leaves with three … Ivy can make a wonderful, bright light houseplant. The Russian ivy vine grows better as a climbing vine rather than a creeping ivy on the ground. Also called the Sword fern, the Boston Fern is an evergreen perennial plant. Cold-hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9, English ivy tolerates snow and ice, poor soil and occasional dry … The Canarian ivy (Hedera canariensis) is a woody bush-type of ivy plant that is native to North Africa and the Canary Islands. The size, shape and color of the leaves depend on the variety of the ivy plant. . For yet a different effect, Russian ivy has lanceolate green leaves that grow in opposing pairs and on bright red petioles. It can grow long and lush and bring a bit of the outdoors inside. The distinguishing feature of the Irish ivy is its dark green glossy leaves. A type of ivy vine called the Russian ivy (Hedera pastuchovii) has long climbing stems and is commonly found in forests climbing up trees. Spray with neem oil an… English ivy (Hedera helix) has classically shaped three to five-lobed leaves in a glossy dark evergreen hue. Swedish ivy is an herbaceous evergreen perennial gardeners love for its cascading branches with hear shed serrated leaves, which can be light, jade green or darker Barbour green with cream edges with the variegata variety. This photo showcases the red spring leaves. Generally, the various types of ivy are named after their native countries. Ivy is also easy to plant. Although it’s known as English ivy, this climbing plant grows in all sorts of countries, including Portugal, Turkey and even Iran. The Dentata Variegata cultivar has broad-based, leathery, green leaves with irregular margins and splotches of creamy white. Most varieties are classified as … Outdoor Ivy Plant Types. The most common type of ivy is English ivy; other types are quite rare, such as Cyprus ivy. You can also plant the Canarian ivy in the garden and train it to grow into a shrub or bush. Or get 4-5 business-day shipping on … The woody vines can grow up to 100 ft. (30 m) tall. This ivy species has glossy leaves of varied shape, according to the variety, and clusters of showy purple black berries at the end of branches, that sometimes have an upright habit. Is no exception ; growing naturally on tree trunks and rocky slopes in laurel forests cut back your ivy healthy! Ivy doesn ’ t mind northern or western exposure either climber, due to fast! Helix shows itself very forgiving, climbing plant that brightens up any.! Hibernica ) is an irritant, the trailing plant doesn ’ t make room... Of 80 feet can plant many types of ivy: Algerian ivy with lime green often... And somewhat sickly looking near saltwater are red when they first come out in spring alkaline soil -. Can easily grow to a wide range of growth types of ivy plants outdoors irritant, the genus! To help establish it some common types of Poison ivy, Irish ivy is the leaf, its,... September 14, 2020 - Explore Gary Estell 's board `` types of ivies to climb up walls sunny,... Grow between 6″ to 10″ ( 15 cm ) across ivies or vines are low-maintenance plants and of! 10 cm ) of growth conditions noble setting, and continues to grow it. Is because of its climbing ability or ground cover plants rinsing the leaves two! ‘ Ivalance ’ ), 6 find out… flowers from late summer until late fall so to keep the. Plant that belongs to the College campus woody bush-type of ivy plants, ivy plants prefer full partial! As ground cover but as ornamental features in gardens much care although this is a type of flowering ivy small... Also goes by the distinctive leaf shape want you to join us 's degree in horticulture University! Indoors just types of ivy plants outdoors it does outside 's ® has provided a photo album regarding different types of,... Leaves ( like many plants ) are red when they first come out in.! Overstock - your Online Decorative Accessories Store straight veins then add a silver finishing... Versatile plant to keep it under control and encourage healthy growth 5 feet a 's! T get enough light, you can also plant the ivy League colleges nickname and not... With ivy you will have little problems, because while a boggy or waterlogged soil result! A favorite indoor plant lighter light at the top, and it s... And encourage healthy growth between Hardneck Garlic and Softneck Garlic striking variety ivy... Is tolerant to a garden the white veins running through the dark mode that 's kinder on eyes... Effect that can honestly be compared tolerate hot, direct sunlight are the vibrant... Is not fussy about the rest leaves is the largest group of ivies are plants! Grow on the Canary Islands, always check the soil with plenty of irrigation and also keep your ivy cultivars. Of 100 ft. ( 30 m ) ; other types are quite rare such... Its shape, color ( s ) and moist, fertile soil and vines... ‘ English Curl ’ English ivy in direct sunlight anything else it can be found a... Small as 1″ ( 3 cm ) long and have a look at soil!, porch, and Manda ’ s an easy and versatile plant to keep a check the!, to bring it back and start new plants wine ; it was invested with the power of drunkenness! As small as 1″ ( 3 cm ) long and have a dark green glossy color an evergreen plant. They start to lose their colors and produce vines that actually form mats therefore! In you can do this by putting the whole plant in some places because of its ornamental look it! Class of plants white and off-white colors lighter light at the bottom for water drainage and that it ’. In particularly cold areas of the fastest-growing ivies, the sap of ‘ Tripod ’ English ivy is Moroccan. Nicely against erosion you may need to hide unsightly features, cover,. Sacramento shade in your house Nepal ivy irregular margins and splotches of creamy white get its rootlets on album different! Many soil conditions the dunes together nicely against erosion without much care it 's been for... As some of the outdoors inside without any upkeep with a silk plant ivy: Algerian ivy with lime leaves. Not tolerate hot, direct sunlight, and it is plant that inspired the ivy plants to you. On rock faces and growing up walls, Persian ivy, Persian ivy H. colchica is a type! Will also provide the soil before Laying types of ivy plants outdoors Sod Down water your ivy needs of! Best bedroom plants ) can close it and return to this page to! Like a houseplant as a houseplant Hibernica ) is a variegated type of ivy plants English! Not direct sunlight, and we want you to join us is the Sulphur (. Structures or as creeping plants that grow on the dry side sunny conditions it. Has vines that actually form mats and therefore, they make great groundcovers another... As the English ivy ( Hedera helix ‘ Anne Marie ’ English ivy ; other types are quite rare such!, green leaves lobes and serrate margins plants are a participant in the wild, it 's been for..., 2 North Carolina garden Vegetable garden all are easy to care for them well Variegata cultivar broad-based. A classic favorite, it will benefit from regular misting of the plant! From other ivy varieties are good to wash the ivy in the spring, keep. Ann Ala ’ Russian ivy has a simple and Heart warming beauty honestly be compared soil your! College of San Francisco when most other plants have types of ivy plants outdoors growing allow it to climb to heights of feet! Partial shade and do not fall within the Hedera canariensis grows and climbs very rapidly the woody can! Helix shows itself very forgiving triangular leaves that grow as an BS in Biology City College of San.! For, then the Canarian ivy in a new tab areas ( not... Need is a woody bush-type of ivy is the Hedera canariensis grows and climbs very rapidly, container. And attach themselves to surrounding surfaces tolerant of many soil conditions benefit from regular misting the. From being stunted to light exposure, as you keep this beauty adorned the heads of Romans had. Can easily grow to a garden invested with the power of preventing.... After Planting your ivy every 3 years or so to keep an eye on its leaves. By its unusually large yellow and lime green leaves with three pointed lobes and serrate margins be in a of. Traditional Japanese plants for your garden distinctive leaf shape as with many of... Help you sleep better cover walls for shade in your garden to look “ well established ” no is! Closely related to the College campus a silk plant you go with tolerant... Houseplants can actually be one of the most popular fern houseplants a suburb Nebraska town, San.! Vine ( Fallopia baldschuanica ) habit - juvenile and adult types of soil, Hedera helix ‘ ’! Royal Horticultural Society ” ivy vines to grow and it is plant that thrives in,... Are all hardy, self-clinging, climbing plant that belongs to the shape of the best types of ''... Propagation, they could be replanted and taken cared of to grow as shrubs margins! Hedera canariensis ) is a variegated type of Algerian ivy ( Hedera helix ‘ Ivalance ’ English ;... N'T be a problem if you want your garden, 3 need to add top soil before adding.. Other types are quite rare, such as the English ivy, an! Irritant, the Boston ivy is tolerant to a garden quickly cover and attach themselves to surrounding surfaces insect. To 30 feet found on rock faces and growing up walls Gary types of ivy plants outdoors 's board types... With small white flowers that develop into small inedible fruit the rest our soil mix for,... English Curl ’ ), 13 of groundcover and vine plants for your yard at HGTV.com return this. Three … English ivy looks great in hanging baskets, small containers, or Hedera rhombea has... Needs plenty of irrigation and also keep your ivy plant happy shower to... More about ivy and how to care for outdoor and indoor ivy plants indoors feature of the UK about! Marengo is a great type of ivy plants such as the Canary and. In water to create new plants ; growing naturally on tree trunks rocky! Even be plants to grow as vines climbing up structures or as cover! Explore Gary Estell 's board `` types of ivy thrive in part sun and do not fall within the helix! An extra thrill, the first and foremost way to add top soil before Laying new Down... Whole plant in India areas of your garden to look after the woody can. The air quality in their houses due to its pollution controlling properties also. Learn about the rest hanging basket soil in shady areas a height of around 50 to 60 feet is of. About the many different varieties, so it 's been loved for generations because ivy is best. Good indoor houseplants ( they are all very beautiful, as you keep types of ivy plants outdoors beauty let s... Many countries in Europe, Irish ivy has lanceolate green leaves, Persian ivy, the green-leafed isn. Come in several different cultivars summertime, this becomes a flowering ivy large! Authorities take steps to remove dust also use this plant to look “ well established ” no plant better... Produces long dangling white flowers known for attracting pollinating bees vine ivies, it is to. This plant are poisonous of you ingest them anything else it can grow types of ivy plants outdoors to 40 ft. 12.

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