Similarly, you may create floating labels that display inside the form controls and “floats” as information is entered in the textbox. I’m going to create forms your way from now on. Would anyone know how best to do this or would I be better to put the label title and the input box in two seperate div to space them out using css? If the elements have the same specificity then the latter one in the stylesheet wins out. Adding extra visual spacing between elements is a purely stylistic issue and thus should not be implemented with HTML, whos only job is to structurally mark up your content. An HTML space tag would be convenient for creating spaces, but the fact is that none exists.. You can insert your own text in the label expression to have it appear with your labels on the map. Thank you Always run your code through the validator first to check for typos. Creating extra spaces before or after text. Or use padding on the text, which should be marked up a